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WPS Health Insurance was established in 1946, during the rise of medical coverage and managed care in America. The State Medical Society created an affordable health insurance plan, which allowed Wisconsin residents to structure their medical costs according to their finances. Referred to as the Wisconsin Plan, the State Medical Society began the Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) to make the plan available to more residents and manage it successfully. WPS remains one of the state’s strongest health care coverage providers, offering private coverage for employers, individuals, and families, and public coverage through several government-sponsored programs.

With nearly 250,000 members across all sectors, WPS is a not-for-profit organization, and one of the largest administrators of health benefits in the state. For individual and family plan subscribers, there are PPO and HSA plans to fit any budget. WPS also offers a product designed for individuals from age 60 to 64, providing those waiting to qualify for Medicare with a fixed rate for up to five years. WPS operates statewide, in every county, and those who live in the Green Bay area have access to their HMO subsidiary, Arise Health Plan. WPS also owns the EPIC Life Insurance Company, providing term life, disability, dental, vision, and voluntary benefits for small and large groups in Wisconsin and surrounding states.


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WPS Individual Plans


Preferred Plan

Providing a broad selection of deductibles and coinsurance, and the option of several benefits for a copay, members have comprehensive coverage at their fingertips. Preventive care is offered for no cost, and physician services in the office are a $25 copay with certain plans. Prescription coverage is also offered for a copay or coinsurance, depending on your preference and budget. As a PPO, there is the ability to use in and out-of-network providers for care, and all WPS members receive discounts through the HealthSense Rewards program. Choose from a variety of deductibles, each with coinsurance ranging from 80 to 100 percent after deductible.


HSA-Qualified HDHP

These plans give policyholders control of their health care expenses by placing responsibility for most covered services in their hands until the deductible is met. After having reached the deductible, your plan will cover up to 100 percent of your medical costs, with other coinsurance options for those who want a lower rate. Pay less on premiums by choosing a high deductible, and receive tax advantages from your HSA. Throughout the plan year, members can seek preventive services at no cost, and use their WPS ID card to receive health-based discounts at fitness clubs and other locations.


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To view premium rates customized to your needs, get a health insurance quote and compare PPO plans from WPS. Discuss your coverage options in Wisconsin with one of our expert agents at 888 803 5917.