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Physicians Plus is a managed care organization out of Madison, offering HMO network plans to more than 105,000 members in their home city and additional counties in south central Wisconsin. Operating as a non-profit collective of physicians since 1986, Physicians Plus is owned by Meriter Health Services and local doctors. Physicians Plus currently holds an accreditation status of Excellent from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for their HMO and POS plans. The company has also been recognized by the Wellness Council of America for being one of the nation’s healthiest companies.

With a provider network of more than 3,000 doctors and clinics in south central Wisconsin, Physicians Plus members also have access to Meriter Medical Clinics and UW Clinics for primary and specialty care, in addition to many other local independent doctors and clinics. The insurer also contracts with 24 hospitals in the region, including Meriter and UW Hospital in Madison. Members of Physicians Plus plans also have the benefit of participating in a number of wellness programs that provide up to $200 per family for using a health club membership, taking classes, or another activity to improve your health.



Physicians Plus Individual Plans


Wise Choice

Wise Choice plans offer the greatest level of coverage, with $25 office visit copays for unlimited visits with a network doctor. Many other services are offered for copay, such as chiropractic, vision, specialty care, audiology, and urgent care. After your deductible is met, hospital and other medical services are covered at 80 percent by your plan. These plans are offered in three deductible options to give you the amount of coverage and the premiums that work best.

Physicians Plus Wise Choice 1000 Benefits

Physicians Plus Wise Choice 5000 Benefits

Physicians Plus Wise Choice 10,000 Benefits


Meriter Choice Reward Plan

A two-tiered HMO plan for individuals and families, these plans provide a copay for unlimited office visits. The plan also provides coverage for surgery and physician services performed at a Meriter Choice facility not subject to your deductible. Emergency room visits are covered for a $100 copay on both tiers, and numerous physician and diagnostic services are also available on one or both tiers for a copay. A great way to save on out-of-pocket costs, Meriter Choice is ideal for those who may need a major medical service.

Physicians Plus Meriter Choice 500 Benefits

Physicians Plus Meriter Choice 500/35 Benefits



Office visits of all kinds are covered for a copay, all of which are $35 regardless of the service. The $500 deductible only applies to inpatient and outpatient hospital care, covering 100 percent of your care once it has been met. Members have access to numerous benefits before their deductible for a copay, including emergency care, ambulance services, and acupuncture. Home health care, therapies, and oral surgery are also included for no cost on a limited number of visits.

Physicians Plus HMO Benefits


High-Deductible Health Plans

An HSA-qualified plan option for individuals and families, choose a plan with 100 percent or 80 percent coverage for every medical service you need after deductible. Preventive care is offered for no cost at any time, and all other types of care are paid out-of-pocket until your deductible is met. By starting an HSA to use with your plan, you have the ability to pay for qualified medical expenses without being taxed, and receive a deduction on your income taxes.

Physicians Plus HSA 1500 Benefits

Physicians Plus HSA 3000 Benefits

Physicians Plus HSA 3000/20 Benefits

Physicians Plus HSA 5000 Benefits



To view Physician Plus plans in your area and their rates, fill out a health insurance quote online, or call an agent for a Wisconsin quote over the phone at 888 803 5917.