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Humana – Wisconsin

Humana, Inc. has sold health insurance policies for almost thirty years, with its company roots tracing back for over fifty in health care services. The company has become one of the top national insurers, as they offer employer, individual and family, military and veteran, and Medicare plans in 30 states. The Humana provider network contracts with over 350,000 doctors, specialists, and medical professionals, over 3,000 hospitals, and nearly 50,000  pharmacies nationwide. Humana is also one of the most highly traded health insurers, proving their value with the success of the products and services they sell.

Humana offers PPO plans that give their members flexibility and affordability, whether using the large contracted network or an outside provider. Individual health insurance plans are provided by Humana One, which offers the same plans throughout the state of Wisconsin. Humana One members also have access to additional benefits to supplement their plan, such as dental or accident, as well as the opportunity to receive discounts on massage therapy, chiropractic, over-the-counter drugs, and eye care. Managing your benefits, claims, and finding a provider is simple through the MyHumana website, which is your personal portal to health care.



Humana One Health Plans in Wisconsin


Copay Plans

Providing the highest level of coverage and the easiest way to obtain it, these plans cover doctor’s office visits and generic prescriptions for a predictable fee throughout the course of your plan. Receive preventive care at any time for no cost with an in-network provider, and if you need a major medical service, they are included in the deductible. Copay plans offer either 80/20 or 70/30 coinsurance coverage after deductible, and the choice of six, three, or an unlimited amount of covered office visits.

Humana Wisconsin Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Wisconsin Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Wisconsin Copay 70 Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

For a lower monthly premium, you are responsible for the cost of physician and hospital care until your deductible is met. Prescription benefits are included in the Enhanced HSA and Value 100 plans as part of your deductible. Use a Humana provider for preventive care for free with no deductible obligations and stay healthy with the wellness rewards program, HumanaVitality to meet your personal goals. Value plans are not HSA-qualified, while the HSA plans can be connected to a tax-free account.

Humana Wisconsin Value 100 Benefits

Humana Wisconsin Enhanced HSA Benefits

Humana Wisconsin HSA 100 Benefits



Compare Humana One plans in your area with premium estimates by getting a quote. To speak with an agent about Humana coverage and plans, or to get a quote by phone, call 888 803 5917.