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Celtic – Wisconsin

Celtic Group, Inc. originated as a holding company in Chicago in 1978, who decided to go into the health and life insurance business and start a brokerage. In 1980, Celtic acquired a health insurer with nationwide licensing, giving them the ability to sell coverage in 49 states with an established membership. Entering the private health insurance market, Celtic has grown to become a provider of strictly individual and family plans through a PPO network. Purchased by Centene Corporation in 2008, Celtic is now the member of a larger company and offers products in 32 states.

In Wisconsin, Celtic offers three different plan types with a Preferred Provider Organization with discounted in-network care in addition to coverage for out-of-network benefits. With health plans designed to provide value, comprehensive coverage, and the ability to open a health savings account, Celtic offers plans with copays, prescription benefits, and an array of cost options.


Celtic Individual Plans in Wisconsin


Celtic Basic

Be kind to your bank account by choosing a low premium plan, including two office visits with a primary care physician or specialist for a $30 copay before reaching your deductible. More benefits are available for a low cost as soon as you need them with Basic plans, such as generic prescriptions and free preventive care. Select a plan with a higher deductible for a lower premium and less cost sharing, or a lower deductible and a higher premium with 30 percent coinsurance.

Celtic Basic Brochure


CeltiCare Preferred Select

This comprehensive PPO offers the most benefits and the largest amount of coverage, with four doctor’s office visits for a $15 copay and major medical care covered at 80 or 100 percent after deductible. Several tiers of prescription drugs are covered with a separate deductible, and generics are included for a copay. Services covered by coinsurance include hospital care, emergency room visits, chiropractic, and surgery. With a rewards program for improving your health, members can receive a cash incentive to meet various goals.

CeltiCare Preferred Select Brochure


CelticSaver HSA

An HSA-compatible high deductible plan, CelticSaver HSA plans give members control of their medical spending by connecting a savings account to their health plan. These plans cover only preventive care before the deductible is met, and afterwards you have full coverage or pay 20 percent coinsurance on office visits, diagnostic and hospital services, prescriptions, and more. Ideal for those who view their health insurance as an investment for both wellness and finances, HSAs offer low premiums and tax benefits.

CelticSaver HSA Brochure


For more information on Celtic health plans in WIsconsin, call an agent at 888 803 5917, or fill out a quote to see your options and pricing.