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Arise Health Plan got its beginnings as Prevea Health Plan, which was formed by a group of physicians to administer both care and coverage. Purchased in 2005 by WPS Health Insurance, the company became WPS Prevea Health Plan, a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the state’s oldest and largest insurers. One year after the acquisition, the regional carrier was rebranded as Arise Health Plan, and continues to provide excellent health insurance services through the WPS company. Arise Health Plan offers coverage to residents of the Green Bay area with HMO and POS plans for employers and individuals alike.

Accredited by the NCQA for quality and performance in delivering health care, Arise has earned a Commendable status for their services and products. Arise Health Plan was also as one of the top 100 plans in the nation according to the NCQA Private Health Plan Rankings 2012-2013 for its commercial HMO and POS products. Individuals and families can purchase HMO plans, which requires a primary care doctor and exclusive use of the Arise network for care, and provides many services upfront. POS plans are similar, though they allow members to use any provider of their choice in addition to the HMO network. Arise has various options to meet the needs of the people they serve.


Arise Healthy1 Plans


Healthy1 HMO

Offering coverage through the Healthy1 HMO network consisting of 2,000 providers throughout Wisconsin, members have access to a highly effective method of cost savings while receiving quality care. Choose from a range of deductibles and coinsurance provided by three different plans. Healthy1 Copay plans offer a flat payment for unlimited office visits with primary care doctors and specialists, and prescriptions, and include the highest level of coverage after deductible.

Healthy1 HMO Brochure


Healthy1 POS

Structured exactly like the Healthy1 HMO for in-network services, Arise POS plans give members unlimited office visits and prescriptions for a copay with Copay plans, and Value plans include all services in the deductible.  In-network coverage ranges from 50 to 100 percent based on the plan and deductible you choose, which covers hospital care, surgical services, diagnostic, and other medical needs. A 100 percent wellness benefit is include with all plans, covering all types of preventive care.

Healthy1 POS Brochure


Healthy1 HSA

A high-deductible health plan that is federally qualified for use with a health savings account, these plans provide a wide variety of deductibles and a low premium. You can choose any deductible with either 80 or 100 percent coverage, which includes all types of care covered by Arise. Select an HMO HSA to stay in the Arise network alone, or a POS HSA to gain the ability to use other providers. Using funds from your HSA, you can meet your deductible with tax-free dollars for qualified medical expenses.

Healthy1 HSA HMO Brochure

Healthy1 HSA POS Brochure


To view rates from Arise Health Plan and find coverage in your area, fill out a health insurance quote online. Our licensed agents are also available to give you quotes and guidance at 888 803 5917.