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Wisconsin health insurance companies vary greatly based on the part of the state where you live. There are several companies operating in the entire state, though about half of those available are also regionally specific. This makes for an interesting market in Wisconsin, as these different carriers make individual and family plans available through both PPO and HMO networks. The diversity of plans and insurers creates a selection of about five carriers per city on average, each bringing numerous products to the table.

To find the health plans that cover your city or town, run a quick quote and browse individual plan options. Compare plans based on their price range, deductible, or company, whether you plan to research or apply. Agents are also available to discuss plans or provide you with a one-on-one consultation from 8AM to 8PM Central time at 888 803 5917.


Health Insurance in Wisconsin


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Wisconsin is part of the carrier’s central coverage region, which has been in operation for nearly 70 years. Connected to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association as an independent licensee, members have access to coverage locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. With one of the largest networks in the area, Anthem offers medical coverage, dental, vision, and health savings accounts to give members the most care possible.


Available in Northeast and Northcentral Wisconsin, Arise Health Plan is a subsidiary of WPS Health Insurance and offers coverage to individuals and small businesses. A fairly new company, created within the past decade, Arise provides the quality and experience of WPS with a localized Green Bay-area approach. Arise provides HMO and Point-of-Service plans, giving Wisconsin residents an affordable, comprehensive option for care.


Celtic has been selling health insurance plans to individuals and families for over 30 years, and offers a small selection of PPO plans. Dealing only in the individual private market, Celtic Insurance Company is now part of the Centene Corporation, and earns a B++ (Good) rating from A.M. Best. With basic plans, traditional PPOs, and high-deductible spending accounts, Celtic products are an additional option for Wisconsin residents.


Dean Health Plan is a top-rated HMO in Wisconsin, available in the Southcentral part of the state. As one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the nation, Dean was established in 1904 and continues to offer medical services, research and education, and insurance. Headquartered in Madison, Dean Health Plan has offered health insurance since 1983, and connects its members to a high quality network. Holding an “Excellent” accreditation from the NCQA, Dean Health Plan is one of the most trusted choices for Southcentral Wisconsin.


Humana One is the individual and family health plan from Humana Inc., one of the top national insurers. Their PPO plans are versatile and give Wisconsin residents the ability to choose providers from their network, or outside of the network. A successful health plan offering multiple lines of service, Humana can be very affordable and comprehensive with certain plans and demographics.


Based in the state capital of Madison, Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation is a regional managed care organization providing services to 105,000 Wisconsin members. Accredited by the NCQA as an Excellent health plan, Physicians Plus is recognized for their HMO and POS plans for individuals, seniors, and employers. Physicians Plus is owned by Meriter Health Services and has a contracted network of over 3,000 providers in 20 counties.


Prevea360 is a regional carrier serving Green Bay, Brown County, and other Northeastern Wisconsin counties with an integrated care system. They offer HMO, POS, HSA, and PPO plans to give the widest range of care to their members, including over 200 Prevea360 providers at 18 locations. Prevea also contracts with other providers to offer an additional network of physicians, clinics, and hospitals.


Security Health Plan offers coverage to employers, individuals, and families in northern, western, and central Wisconsin. More than 200,000 members rely on Security Health Plan for health insurance in 32 counties. Owned by the Marshfield Clinic, Security Health Plan is operated by physicians, giving members access to a broad provider network and the knowledge of health care professionals. Offering HMO plans, residents in the Security coverage area are able to purchase sensible health insurance products for coordinated care.


WPS is the state’s second-oldest health insurance plan, with more than 65 years of service in Wisconsin. As one of the largest insurers in the state, WPS Health Insurance has members in all aspects of medical coverage. The company has offices throughout Wisconsin and insures over 250,000 members through small and large group, individual, military, and Medicare plans. They also operate a subsidiary company, Arise Health Plan, local to Green Bay.


UnitedHealthOne is the individual branch of the UnitedHealthcare company, who provides a large percentage of the country with life and health insurance on various markets. Golden Rule Insurance Company underwrites UnitedHealthOne plans, and has been present in the individual and family health insurance market for over 65 years. With UnitedHealthcare backing the company, Wisconsin residents have access to hundreds of thousands of providers nationwide.