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Racine Health Insurance

Racine, Wisconsin is located near Lake Michigan and the Root River, giving residents lots of water and natural space to utilize for outdoor activities. The city is also know for its Danish heritage, and attracts many outsiders with famous Danish pastries. One of the city’s largest employers is the Johnson Wax company, whose headquarters were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and thus is somewhat of an attraction in itself. Residents of Racine also have various cultural elements to take in, from events at the Reefpoint Marina and Festival Hall to the lakefront trolleys providing scenic rides. Nature is a very important aspect of Racine life, as the River Bend Nature Center provides miles of trails, and endless fishing opportunities are available in rivers and lakes nearby. Racine is also home to one of the top outdoor swimming locations in the Midwest at Quarry Lake Park.

Individuals and families looking to insure their health in Racine County have more than 90 health plan options. Being close to Milwaukee, Racine residents have access to coverage from UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Anthem, and Wisconsin’s own WPS. Though only four companies offer plans here, there is enough variety among them to fit you needs and budget. In Racine, Anthem offers a POS network, which usually tends to reduce rates though their more low-cost plans have limited office visit coverage. WPS is great for comprehensive coverage, as they include some of the lower prices for most age and gender groups in this region. Based on the who you are, any of these carriers could price well, so it is important to run your own quote and find out which plans are best you for you.



Racine Sample Health Insurance Quote

When looking for the most benefits for the lowest premium for a 50-year-old female resident of Racine, it’s quite pricey, but nearly every company is very close. The most cost-effective plan comes from UnitedHealthOne for $349 per month, and offers their traditional outline of coverage with 80 percent after deductible and $35 primary care visits. Given the price range for a $2500 deductible plan, this is the best deal for this demographic in Racine. WPS offers a plan with even more benefits for a $2000 deductible at $10 more per month. Once you meet the deductible, your plan covers 100 percent of your medical costs, which is quite a nice feature. For only a bit more, you can reach the deductible sooner and spend less on care.

Anthem is also right within the same range as these two. Their Premier Plus POS plan is $362, and is much like the UnitedHealthOne Copay Select, though the prescription deductible is half as much with Anthem at $250. This plan is also a great choice for the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, and the advantages of a POS, with the option of working with a primary care doctor or being free to select your own providers.

Humana is much more costly in this demographic and therefore can be discarded from the running. They  only favor a few groups, but most often will turn out as the most expensive plan in Racine regardless of your age.

To find out more about health plans in your city, get a free health insurance quote, or call a knowledgeable agent at 888 803 5917.





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