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Milwaukee Health Insurance

Wisconsin’s largest city, and the 28th most populous in the United States, Milwaukee is a Midwestern hub of commerce, culture, beer, and other attractions. Primarily known for its breweries, the city also features a wide variety of museums, international restaurants, and cultural and music events to complement the festive atmosphere. Milwaukee was named one of the most walkable cities in the nation by Walk Score, and Lake Michigan proves ideal for water sports, giving residents the ability to commute and stay healthy with ease. Living in Milwaukee is exciting, relaxing, and rewarding, as the beverage-supported economy continues to prosper.

Health insurance companies in Milwaukee include Anthem, Humana, WPS, UnitedHealthOne, and Celtic. With over 100 plans found in our search, Milwaukee residents have their fair share of PPOs and POSs to choose from. Though there are no HMOs in this city, there is no shortage of coverage. An interesting market, Milwaukee offers affordable coverage with certain combinations of benefits and coinsurance, though the higher premiums tend to provide the most coverage. Even for the least expensive demographic, a 30-year-old male resident has the most comprehensive option starting at $143 per month (United). After fishing through the low cost options, this demographic yielded an incredible amount of competition among insurers – offering similar plans sometimes within cents of one another. Others, as indicated below, are a bit different.




Sample Milwaukee Health Insurance Quote

As a 30-year-old, nonsmoking female resident of Milwaukee, you can find plans from each carrier with unlimited office visits for a copay, prescriptions, and 80/20 coverage, yet all of these are around $200 per month. The most comprehensive plan for the lowest premium is UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select 80 at $186, and you have all the necessary benefits with copays. These plans cover tier 1 drugs for a $15 copay, and additional tiers with an extra $500 deductible. A perk of these plans is receiving the same rate for both primary care and specialist visits. What about Celtic, you say? Well, it doesn’t quite match the rest of these plans offering unlimited office visits, as Celtic’s most comprehensive option only covers four.

WPS, therefore, provides the next best plan for $203 per month. Getting more costly and out of the affordable range, really, this plan actually is a great choice. For a bit more than the United plan, this resident would have 100 percent coverage after deductible, and a lower copay for unlimited physician office services. The out-of-pocket is also the same as the deductible or $2,000, which means you get coverage in full sooner than with United. WPS covers all prescriptions upfront, as well, making this a highly desirable plan. If she wants to shell out $203 per month, this PPO is her best option for the money in Milwaukee.

Anthem is more expensive and has a separate pharmacy deductible, and a $2500 out-of-pocket limit one top of the $2500 deductible. Coverage after deductible is 80 percent for hospital services, and Anthem also offers a supplemental maternity benefit she could add to her plan should she be interested. This plan does offer unlimited chiropractic after deductible, which could be worth the extra premium for some. Humana is not favoring this demographic in Milwaukee, as their rates are $84 more than an identical plan from United.

Find out how much these and other health plans will cost you in Milwaukee by getting a personalized health insurance quote. For a consultation by phone, call a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.





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