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Madison Health Insurance

Consistently ranking as a great community for healthy living, employment, raising a family, and experiencing culture, Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and second largest city. One could say it is also the most music-centered city in the state, with a local collection of bands as well as being a stop for many tours and festivals. Madison is a very green city,┬árecognized throughout the years for its abundance of cyclists, as well as environmental employers, and known for its appreciation of the outdoors, offering trees and parks at every turn. The area’s medical community also provides a healthier Madison, as the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics was ranked #5 by U.S. News in adult specialties.

Madison is the home of several of Wisconsin’s best health insurance companies. Dean Health Plan, WPS, and Physicians Plus all have headquarters in the city, and offer their HMO, POS, and PPO plans alongside Celtic, Humana, and UnitedHealthOne. Between these six carriers, there is potential for great savings on health care. Both Dean and Physicians Plus offer many low cost options for those interested in a minimal monthly bill with the advantages of HMO coverage. Depending on your demographic, comprehensive plans may even start at less than $75 per month. With many competing companies, Madison health plans offer exceptional quality and rates that won’t make you wince.



Sample Madison Health Insurance Quote

According to the sample quote we ran for a 34-year-old male resident of Madison, plans are available with a broad range of options and premiums. Based on what this resident is looking for, he has the ability to choose plans ranging from $72 to $258 per month. The Physicians Plus WiseChoice plan has the lowest premium, covering unlimited office visits for a copay, though prescriptions are not included unless you add a separate plan, which isn’t all that costly. Adding a Physicians Plus pharmacy rider would make this plan more like $77-89 per month for this resident, still much less than the competition. Their network is also one of the broadest in the city of Madison.

Dean offers a $1000 deductible plan with copays, which is the closest comparison from this company to the remaining plans. With a nearly 5 star customer rating, the Dean 1000 plan covers nearly every service for a copay, including office visits, hospitalization, emergency care, and chiropractic. For $86 per month, this is a great HMO to be part of. However, like Physicians Plus, the plan requires a rider if you want prescriptions. For $170 per month, Dean also provides a zero deductible HMO.

The next most affordable plan in this case would be from WPS at $135 per month. A PPO, this is the lowest price our sample applicant can pay for a plan with out-of-network benefits. Copays are reasonable at $25 for both physician and specialist, and all tiers of prescriptions are included upfront for a copay. Another benefit is that once the $2000 deductible is met, all hospital, surgical, and emergency services are free of charge. In Madison, for this resident, it appears the regional companies are the cost leaders and national insurers are the costlier choices.

Compare prices on these plans for you and your family in Madison now by getting a personal health insurance quote. Or you can call one of our licensed agents for a quote and any other information about Madison medical coverage at 888 803 5917.






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