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Kenosha Health Insurance


Kenosha, Wisconsin is the fourth largest city in the state and along Lake Michigan. Considered a commuter base for both Milwaukee and Chicago, Kenosha is a much more suburban than Wisconsin’s larger cities. A healthy city, there are many parks throughout Kenosha, which offer residents the ability to bike, walk, run, camp, hike, and take part in any water activity they might pursue on the Great Lake. Kenosha has small town attractions but also fuels its own technology industry and offers those who work in one of the two nearby larger cities a traditional Midwestern culture and a more intimate community.

Kenosha individual health insurance is much like the market in Milwaukee, as it is served by the same carriers active in the southeastern counties of Wisconsin. These do not include any HMOs, though the POS and PPO plans are of great quality. Plans are offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, Celtic, WPS, and UnitedHealthOne, all of which connect members to a wide contracted network and coverage for non-network care. PPOs are more costly no matter where you live in Wisconsin, as the lowest price for a total coverage copay plan is $127 per month for a 27 year old male resident. In other cities, we could find HMOs for about $75 per month for this demographic, but Kenosha has no such options. Anthem does offer many POS plans with limited office visits and 30% coinsurance for $92, as an alternative.




Sample Kenosha Health Insurance Quote

A Kenosha resident aged 47 and male has access to several health plans starting at $257 per month from WPS. The WPS PPO 2000 plan is the ultimate copay plan in this city, with 100 coverage on major medical care, unlimited office visits for a $25 copay, and a combined deductible/out-of-pocket limit. Also included is the bonus of all prescriptions upfront for a copay on generic, brand names, and non-formulary. This plan offers more immediate benefits than any other health plan in the city and as one of the state’s largest providers, WPS would definitely be a good choice.

Very close in price, UnitedHealthOne follows the footsteps of WPS with their copay plan, though overall it would be more expensive to maintain this plan. Between monthly premiums, reaching the out-of-pocket limit, and a separate pharmacy deductible of $500 if you want to go higher than Tier 1. However, if content with generics and a $35 copay for office visits, this plan would suffice.

Anthem is also in the same price range, with their most comprehensive POS plan for $267 per month. Compared to United, the pharmacy deductible is lower, there are different copays for primary care doctors ($30) and specialists ($40), and otherwise the rest is the same. Both plans have 80 percent in-network coverage after deductible, though UnitedHealthOne covers chiropractic for a copay, while Anthem covers the service at coinsurance. Of the three most affordable plans for this resident, WPS tops the rest in cost and coverage.

Find out what your premiums will be on these Kenosha health plans by getting a free health insurance quote. To discuss plans with an agent call us at 888 803 5917.






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