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Green Bay Health Insurance

Green Bay is a football-centered city, as the home of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. Located at the mouth of the Fox River and connected to Lake Michigan, the city enjoys a waterfront lifestyle, with access to water sports and serving as an industrial port since its beginnings. The University of Wisconsin also has a campus in Green Bay, and the city is always alive with some activity, if not football, then the performing arts, musical events, and culinary festivals. To balance the sports fanaticism, the city also has plenty of museums dedicated to the arts and the tribal history of Green Bay in the Oneida Nation Museum. Green Bay has also a great place to be active, with 64 parks and year-round trails throughout the region.

Tucked in the northeast part of Wisconsin, Green Bay’s individual health insurance market varies greatly from the southern counties. Great health plans are offered in a range of prices and network types,┬áincluding HMOs from Arise Health Plan and Prevea360. WPS, Humana, Anthem, UnitedHealthOne, and Celtic also offer coverage in Green Bay, returning more than 130 plans to choose from overall. Between all of these options, some residents can find very affordable plans. When quoting for a male resident in his early 30s, a Prevea360 $2000 deductible Copay plan turned out to be a mere $77 per month.



Sample Green Bay Health Insurance Quote

For a 42-year-old couple in Green Bay, the best health plan for the lowest price comes from Prevea360 for $264 per month. The Copay Plus 2000 plan is ideal, though does not include prescription coverage. The prescription rider is popular trend among Wisconsin HMOs, but the cost is nothing to complain about. Covering primary care, specialist, and chiropractic visits for a $30 copay, this plan is a great way to have comprehensive coverage through a unified network and costs less by far than any other carrier.

Arise also offers HMO coverage for a lower premium, at $322 per month, these Green Bay residents have access to pharmacy benefits, chiropractic, specialty and primary care for a flat rate. The deductible and out-of-pocket limit are higher than the Prevea360 copay plan by $500, and the premium is also a decent amount more. However, these two plans would the couple’s last chance at anything under $400 with the same level of benefits.

The least expensive PPO in Green Bay is $444 per month for a run-of-the-mill UnitedHealthOne plan, though you will have access to out-of-network care. Humana, as usual in Wisconsin thus far, turned out to be the most costly in this case. The other PPOs are all competitively priced, giving the choice between Anthem, WPS, and United for about the same rate on similar coverage. For the price it seems much more likely the couple should choose an HMO, and not bother going to non-network providers.

See more great plans and get premiums customized to your specifics by getting your own Green Bay quote. Call a licensed East Coast Health Insurance agent for more details and a one-on-one consultation at 888 803 5917.






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