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Eau Claire Health Insurance

The largest municipality in northwest Wisconsin, Eau Claire is located near the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. The city is home to many parks and trails, including the 30-mile long Chippewa River Recreation Trail, 13 paved bike trails, and Phoenix Park, which features trails, a labyrinth, and an amphitheatre hosting local music and theater performances. Eau Claire is encouraging of the arts, with various art galleries and music venues planted around the city. There is also a large farmer’s market in Eau Claire to support the area’s long history of agriculture and provide locals with foods from their hometown. With community events happening year-round, many of which centered around health, the city is a family-centered and positive place to live.

Eau Claire’s health insurance market for individuals and families is served by a different set of insurers due to its location. The area receives coverage from Security Health Plan, WPS, Anthem, Humana, Celtic, and UnitedHealthOne. A myriad of options are available, with HMOs, POSs, and PPOs giving residents the ability to choose coverage to fit their budget. Security Health Plan offers the HMO network coverage in Eau Claire, though providing deductible plans that are atypical of the standard HMO, as they usually include more copays than a PPO. WPS seems the most competitive in Eau Claire, offering multiple plans low cost plans with excellent benefits, and they even have a local office.



Sample Eau Claire Health Insurance Quote

When running a quote for 27-year-old female living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and searching for a $2500 deductible plan with copays, the options are scattered in price. Premiums vary greatly depending on the plan details, but overall WPS has the best deal at $157 per month. This PPO is slightly unfair to the rest of the plans, as they offer 100 percent coverage after the $2000 deductible, on top of unlimited $30 office visits to PCPs, specialists, or chiropractors. It also includes every prescription tier for a copay, with no extra deductibles to meet beforehand. Basically everything about this plan has an advantage, including the large network. A winning plan in Eau Claire, without a doubt.

Security Health Plan, as mentioned, does not offer any copay coverage, and their $2500 plan does not include prescriptions either. For $106 per month, it could be tempting to buy this plan but this resident would have to wait until $2500 is spent to receive any discounted service costs. UnitedHealthOne provides the next lowest premium for a copay plan, though considerably more than WPS at $218 per month. Paling in comparison to WPS benefits, the Copay Select 80 plan does include a deductible credit to roll over funds in case the policyholder does not meet their deductible when the plan year ends.

Anthem’s Premier Plus plan is very good, yet very similar to UnitedHealthOne and still going to cost more for health care and premiums than WPS. Covering generic drugs, with higher tiers available for a deductible half the cost of United at $250, Anthem covers 80 percent after deductible on the majority of services. Anthem also has a lower out-of-pocket maximum than United at $2500, and covers more benefits, including unlimited chiropractic and 20 physical therapy visits.

Explore your health plan options in Eau Claire by getting a health insurance quote online, or calling a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.






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