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Appleton Health Insurance

Settled on the banks of the Fox River, the city of Appleton sprawls into three different counties, and it serves as the focal point of the Appleton metropolitan area, Fox Cities, which includes neighbors Neenah and Oshkosh. The area is known on one hand as “Wisconsin’s Shopping Place,” full of retail shops and malls, though it also has a thriving creative community evidenced by local galleries, museums, and performance venues. Appleton is also home to 30 urban parks, utilized for community events like the Trout Museum’s Art in the Park and the Appleton Old Car Show, as well as being a relaxing recreational outlet for residents with disc golf courses and outdoor ice rinks.

With more than 73,000 inhabitants, Appleton is largely centered around the historic, private liberal arts college Lawrence University, but it also has become a great suburban landing spot with easy access to larger cities like Green Bay and Milwaukee. As a college town, it holds a simultaneous infusion of community, education, and night life that keep Appleton vibrant.

Health insurance in Appleton is provided by several plans, all of which are the same regardless of living in Outagamie, Winnebago, or Calumet County. National carriers Humana and United Healthcare offer PPO plans, which covers a little bit of out-of-network care but mostly in-network care, similar to the POS options from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s local company WPS, and their HMO subsidiary Arise, are also sold in Appleton, and usually have the lowest premiums across the board.

Appleton Wisconsin Health Insurance Quotes

Sample Appleton Health Insurance Quote

Arise Health Plan is by far the winner in the young, healthy female demographic, as we can see from running a quote for a 30-year-old resident. This regional HMO is a mere $138 per month compared to its PPO competitors in the $2,500 range, and includes copays for primary care doctors, specialists, all kinds of prescriptions, and chiropractic care. In other words, this is the plan to choose if you are more concerned with saving money than having any non-network coverage.

For those in search of a more flexible plan, WPS’s PPO 2000 plan offers more coverage than any other PPO in Appleton, with 100 percent after deductible for major medical care. Reasonable copays are set for pharmacy, physician, specialist, and chiropractic services, and a few types of care are free of charge, like prevention and outpatient lab and X-ray. For this resident, this plan is the least expensive plan with out-of-network benefits at $196 per month.

As it is always safe to apply for a third choice, UnitedHealthOne is a great, though admittedly not quite as generous as the previous two, comprehensive plan. The plan’s individual strengths lie in being connected to the nation’s largest insurer and therefore an extensive national network, and they also offer a deductible credit, which allows you to bring your remaining balance with you into the next plan year. Unlimited office visits and generic drugs are the main upfront benefits of this plan.

To find out how health plans in Appleton are priced for you and your family, get an individual health insurance quote tailored to your needs. Call us at 888 803 5917 to speak with an agent about all your options in Appleton and get a clear understanding of your future plan.





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