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The availability of health insurance plans, rates, and companies varies throughout the state of Wisconsin. Between a total of ten carriers, many of which are regional and target certain areas, the individual private market is very different from north to south. Wisconsin residents have access to numerous plan types, all counties provided with at least one HMO, in addition to PPOs like Humana and UnitedHealthOne. To find out which plans are the most affordable in each major region of Wisconsin, we ran quotes in various cities on applicants who are searching for comprehensive coverage at the lowest rate.

To arrive at a fair comparison between carriers, we chose a $2500 deductible plan from each, with 20 percent coinsurance, and copays for office visits, prescriptions, and any other bells and whistles a company might throw in. Preferably, if the office visits are unlimited, the plan is all the more ideal. With these properties in mind, we go on to choose the lowest premium possible on such benefits from each carrier, on a quest for the ultimate comprehensive plan. In Wisconsin, residents are very lucky as it is not a very difficult search between all of these highly rated companies. In other states, you might be hard-pressed to find a good plan in this range, yet in Wisconsin there are numerous options from all carriers in every deductible range.

The purpose of this section is to show you a few of your options, perhaps help you to narrow down the massive selection, and inform residents of these areas on the costs and benefits to expect from a health plan. In turn, many Wisconsin residents will not have the same premium, so you cannot judge your own potential rates from those listed here. The best way to get an accurate picture of health insurance plans and prices offered in your city or town is to fill out your own quote. From the brewery haven of Milwaukee to the football obsession of Green Bay, East Coast Health Insurance has the Wisconsin health plans to cover every city and their interests.