Introduction to Wisconsin Health Insurance

There are five main Wisconsin Health Insurance companies to choose from and they include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin by Anthem, Humana One, UnitedHealthOne, and WPS Health Insurance, a non-profit Wisconsin health insurance company. These carriers can be found in every part of the state, in addition to the various regional HMOs and other non-profits, such as Dean Health Plan, Physicians Plus, and Security Health Plan. You can get a quote from any of them by following our Wisconsin health insurance quotes link.

Wisconsin also offers a high risk pool sharing plan for those that are HIPAA eligible, as well as those that have been declined for HIV, and those that have been awarded Medicare due to disability. And of course, if you have been declined for individual health insurance by one more health insurance companies within the previous nine months. There are other situations as well that the HIRSP plan is available for, including those that have received a 50% increase in premium for medical coverage or a rider on a physical condition.

Really, Wisconsin has done a great job in offering coverage to high risk individuals and they should certainly be applauded for these efforts.

You can get more information on the Wisconsin Plans from http://oci.we.gov/oci and you can reach the HIRSP at 800 826 4777. BadgerCare for SCHIP is available at 800-362-3002.


Companies Offered Throughout Wisconsin

To view more detailed carrier information and additional providers, browse the Companies section.


WPS Individual Plan Benefit Summary

Of these plans, the non-profit plan of course dominates the market in terms of price and benefits, so we certainly recommend WPS as a first choice, if you can qualify for the plan medically. The reason of course if quite simple: WPS Health Insurance offers the most health insurance coverage for the least money in Wisconsin.

Established by the Wisconsin Medical Society in 1946, WPS Health Insurance is one of the largest not-for-profit health insurers in the state. More than 60 years later, they remain committed to their original mission: to provide affordable, comprehensive health coverage for the people of Wisconsin.


Anthem Wisconsin Premier Plus Brochure

Anthem Wisconsin SmartSense Brochure

The next plans that we like in the Wisconsin medical insurance market are from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. These plans are very affordable and Anthem has proven time and again to offer great, dependable health insurance plans in all the states where they do business. As a mutual health insurance company they make their policy owners shareholders in the company, which theoretically leads to lower premiums.

Above are included a couple of Blue Cross brochures to get a sense of their plans. These are the two most popular health insurance plans as they both offer copay’s and prescription coverage before the deductible is met. In other words, they are not the new Consumer Driven Health Plans, though Blue Cross Blue Shield certainly offers those plans as well. But for the most part, most consumers in our experience prefer the traditional health insurance plan which covers more first dollar items, like office visits and so forth.


Humana Wisconsin Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana One in Wisconsin is pretty much like their plans in every state except that they of course must follow the Wisconsin health insurance laws. Otherwise their plans are identical to their offerings in every other state. The Humana One Portrait plan is their most popular individual health plan because it again, covers office visits and prescriptions before the deductible.

Their Monogram and Autograph plans are their higher deductible offerings which are more in the Consumer Driven Health Plan category then the Portrait, though the Autograph 5000 plan does offer limited office visits and prescription coverage before the deductible.

But as I said in the beginning, as a Wisconsin resident you would be silly to not consider the WPS plans as they are much more affordable then these plans, and I only wished that I had health plans like these in other states. Still if you don’t like the WPS plan (which you might not), then I would certainly consider the Humana plans as well.


UnitedHealthOne Wisconsin Brochure

Wisconsin health insurance by United Health One or formerly Golden Rule is certainly unique. These plans are not domiciled in Wisconsin and also offer large commissions to brokers. I am not by any means suggesting that they are bad as I indeed have the plan on myself, but rather that you might get a better deal from a company that pays less commission. Of course, they have an excellent network and great prescription benefits as well so they should not be left out of your shopping, but I am not giving them the number one ranking in any state.

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