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Why Exercise: The Benefits of Activity

Something as simple as what we’ve been told all our lives by health programs, studies, and PSAs – exercising – can be the key to creating a better quality of life. Taking care of yourself has to include physical activity, as it elongates your life, builds your stamina, increases energy, and creates balance among your bodily functions. Though your muscles and joints will also appreciate being worked out, your heart also benefits greatly from exercising. You can reduce your risk of heart disease by exercising, or alleviate your symptoms if you already have heart disease. On top of that, working out lowers your LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) and triglyceride levels, and can help elevate your HDL cholesterol (the good kind). So, wake up your metabolism and get moving!

Here are a few more incentives to sway you into a healthy, active lifestyle.


6 Reasons to Exercise


1. Fight Off Diseases and Conditions

As mentioned, exercising can reduce levels of problem components in your body, while increasing the positive attributes of your insides. High blood pressure and heart disease can be easily reduced by integrating a solid exercise routine into your life. In addition to these two conditions, other cardiovascular diseases will be much less likely to occur, as working out keeps your blood flowing normally. Other conditions you can avoid or manage by exercising include depression, stroke, metabolic syndrome, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, falling, and arthritis.


2. Lift Your Spirits

Regularly working out and getting aerobic exercise has been proven to improve your mood and lower levels of stress. Physical activity targets numerous chemicals in your brain that may create feelings of happiness and promote relaxation. Knowing you’re taking care of yourself also has the benefits of feeling confident in getting control of your life and being responsible, which can boost self esteem.


3. Manage Your Weight

Whether you like where you are or you could use some help getting to a healthier weight, exercising is your  best bet. Taking a walk every day or doing some kind of physical activity on a regular basis burns calories and activates your metabolism to help your body lose weight and create energy. The more vigorous the activity, the higher the number of calories you will burn. Here are a few ideas for integrating exercise into daily life without much investment.


4. Increase Your Energy

When you reach the top stair a little out of breath, you know it’s time for some changes. Bring your energy levels up and help yourself to complete many more tasks than just a stair climb with some good strength and endurance-building activity. Moving around helps your body get more oxygen and brings in nutrients to your tissues to improve the functions of your cardiovascular system. With a healthy heart and lungs, you have much more energy to do normal and more intense activities.


5. Sleep Well

If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, a routine of physical exertion is a great way to stop tossing and turning. Be sure not to exercise too close to bedtime as it can provide you too much energy to be able to fall asleep.


6. A New Challenge

You can enjoy yourself and improve your life by exercising. Whether you use your time as a way to decompress on your own, or share a few hours with a friend, exploring the outdoors or staying in, you can embark on a never-ending routine of positivity. Find new interests, and give yourself healthy ways to fill your time and have fun. Taking a class, exploring hiking trails, or joining a sports team can all be great ways to connect with nature or people, and get yourself on a healthy path.





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