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Living Well and Staying Covered in Tucson, AZ

Health & Medical Insurance in Tucson

Many Tucsonans are in tune with their health resources offered throughout the city. However, taking care of yourself is not reserved for drum circle attendees – everyone has the ability to live well if they choose! Tucson has a panoply of health food stores, and the natural scenery is virtually a giant playground for adventure and exercise. Though the heat is obviously a concern much of the time, Tucson offers amazing opportunities for its residents to discover the outdoors and be healthy. Perhaps you relocated to Arizona for your allergies, or just for the vibrant lifestyle provided by Tucson’s creative and culturally rich community? Either way, Tucson is an incredible place for people who want to get well, maintain their health, or push themselves to new heights.

Individual coverage in Tucson is very affordable compared to much of the nation. Living in the desert tends to put essential costs in your favor. Health insurance is always a necessity, even if you are in peak condition, to protect yourself in case of an unexpected illness or injury, or even just getting the preventive care you need. Carriers serving Tucson include Health Net, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Humana, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Some of these health plans include wellness programs to help members make healthy lifestyle decisions and provide discounts and rewards for doing so. This feature is usually offered on high-deductible HSAs and comprehensive copay plans (our recommendation for top protection).

What does affordable health insurance entail in Tucson this year? Well, after running a quote for a 29-year-old female resident, it looks as though the lowest cost plan for a $2500 deductible with 80/20 in-network coverage is $141 per month from UnitedHealthOne. Health Net and Humana also offers a close second with similar benefits for $10 more per month. Humana’s copay plans include the benefit of their health management program for no additional cost, and Health Net also offers discounts and tools for health and well-being for free. While you can also get free apps online that have many of the same features, it’s also worthwhile to get the most “free” and discounted items out of your health plan.


Living Well and Paying Less

Health insurance is something that no one should have to pay for, we agree. It is absurd that people are asked to cough up hundreds of dollars each month simply to stay healthy and receive necessary help to avoid staggering medical costs. However, this is our reality, and we have to accept it. Arizona also has a variety of public programs for those who want to stay healthy and can’t afford coverage. Medicaid is free, so don’t forget about your options if you’re in a rough financial situation.

Once you have coverage, you’re going to want to avoid the doctor as much as possible to minimize your annual medical costs – but we don’t need to tell you that. Staying active and eating plenty of nutrients to maintain energy and stave off sickness is the ultimate combination for keeping yourself away from the doctor’s office. Many illnesses and ailments can be treated at home (for much less than an office visit), so be creative and resourceful, and hold on to much more of your paycheck.

Tucson has many wonderful ways to treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Understandably, the heat is oppressive at times, but there are also options for activity and movement in an air-conditioned room. Healthy doses of sunshine are quite beneficial though, as you receive natural vitamin D from that brilliant Arizona sun. Just cover up with SPF to avoid skin cancer, and stay hydrated!


Healthy Activities

If you crave the outdoors, or if you feel you and nature could work on your relationship, there are mountains and valleys and more than 100 trails waiting to be trampled by your feet or wheels. The Tucson area is a top destination for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation for experts and beginners alike. Don’t feel the need to be incredibly skilled, you can ease your way into the great outdoor workouts in your backyard. Literally, many neighborhoods and communities have trails in their backyard. Time to take advantage of your surroundings and experience Tucson!



Taking a hike in Tucson is one of the best ways to acclimate yourself to the local, natural terrain. There are even options within the city for more relaxed, predictable footing if you’re just getting started or want something closer to home. Encounter a variety of wildlife among cacti or pine trees in the area’s wide variety of landscapes, including five different mountain ranges. Whether flat or steep, urban or bird-watching, you have you pick of some of the best trails in the country. For a full list of trails around Tucson, click here.


Mountain Biking

Welcome to a dry paradise of mountain bike trails from beginner to expert level. With a perfect climate all year for riding some of the nation’s top biking trails, you have your pick of technical, steep, and challenging, to entertaining ways to get started. Many trails are shared with hikers, trail runners, and horseback riders, so make sure you’re on the lookout for others when you’re whipping around some tight turns and clearing gaps. Click here for a full list of trails in Tucson.


Road Biking

Though his credibility is doubted these days, Lance Armstrong once referred to Tucson as “a real cycling Mecca.” Known for its great climbs, friendly roads, and plenty of bike lanes, and the Tour de Tucson, cyclists can really get their jollies in this city. Even if you are just a commuter, the physical payoff will be fantastic. Take your pilgrimage to Mecca as a cycling fiend, or just get yourself in a healthy habit on the road in Tucson.


Rock Climbing

One could also argue that this is quite the rock climber’s paradise, which goes for the whole state of Arizona. Thousands of climbing spots are offered throughout the mountainous, ideal terrain for this sport. In Tucson, Mt. Lemmon is a popular destination for rock climbing, with 455 climbs in and of itself, as well as several other areas around the city. Try a few of these our if you’re up for a good climb, and check here for an exhaustive list of spots.


Horseback Riding

Though you’re sitting on a large animal, horseback riding is definitely an exercise. If you’re going for the ultimate Western experience and the least traditional workout, this is a good one to consider. You gain balance and coordination, and strengthen many muscle groups in the process. Not to mention, you really have to pay attention. It’s a great way to increase your concentration and improve your muscle tone while exploring nature. Here are a few equestrian trails in the Tucson region. Click here for a wider range.


Healthy Eating

While they may not be jumping out at you with neon flashing lights, organic restaurants and natural health food stores are nestled throughout Tucson. Hopefully they will become more prevalent in years to come, but for the moment, there are some great places to eat while you’re wandering the city, or buy fresh, local food to make at home. Of course, you can shop the organic section and find nutritious products in your regular grocery, but options may be a little more sparse. Take some of these places for a spin the next time you’re dining out or making a grocery trip.

  • Renees Organic OvenPizza with organic ingredients, vegan options, nitrate-free meat, free-range chicken and grass-fed beef. 7065 E Tanque Verde Rd, (520) 886-0484.
  • Lovin’ Spoonfuls: Affordable, casual organic and vegetarian food all day. 2990 N Campbell Ave #120, (520) 325-7766.
  • Govinda’s Natural Foods Buffet: Healthy, natural, delicious vegetarian options – open every day. 711 E Blacklidge Dr, (520) 792-0630.
  • Epic Cafe: Budget-friendly coffee shop with organic ingredients and healthy cafe-style menu. 745 N 4th Ave, (520) 624-6844.
  • Spark Root: An array of organic, vegan and veggie American foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 245 E Congress St, (520) 272-8949.
  • Tucson Farmers’ Markets: Local food from Southern Arizonan farms, ranches, and artisan food producers. Over 100 vendors, open 52 weeks per year. 4280 N Campbell Ave and other locations.
  • Food Conspiracy Co-op: Bulk foods and herbs, organics, beer/wine, and a full kitchen making sandwiches, salads, and soups – plus a hot bar and salad bar. 412 N 4th Ave, (520) 624-4821.
  • Aqua Vita: Organic produce, herbs, bulk food, and natural supplies for the rest of your needs. 2801 N Country Club Rd, (520) 293-7770.