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Living Well and Staying Covered in Salt Lake City

Health & Medical Insurance in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a haven of health. Surrounded by the Oquirrh and Wasatch mountain ranges and the Great Salt Lake, it serves as a major destination for outdoor activity. Additionally, the city has been consistently ranked one of the healthiest cities in America, with a significant number of active residents, less smokers, tons of parks, golf courses, and tennis courts, and greater amount of walking and biking commuters than most areas. For a small city, Salt Lake City also offers a fair selection of nutritious foods, as organic, vegetarian, and farm-to-table restaurants continue to grow in popularity. Living in Salt Lake City means access to some of the nation’s top trails, ski resorts, and natural attractions, all of which can help residents stay healthy.

Medical insurance in Salt Lake City is essential for keeping your health in tact. Unique to the area are carriers SelectHealth, Altius Health Plan, and Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Humana also offering individual and family coverage. In order to stay well, several of these plans offer members the opportunity to monitor and improve their health, as well as giving policyholders more reason to keep their medical costs down. However, making your own incentives, such as experiencing the greatness of the regional scenery and eating delicious organic foods, can be even more effective. While health plans offer certain bonuses for staying healthy, your overall savings and better lifestyle are the true rewards.

Health plans are also fairly priced in the area and throughout Utah, with comprehensive coverage including upfront benefits starting at $166 per month for a 35-year-old male resident. Humana and Altius both offer plans for this rate, giving an affordable PPO and HMO option for this particular resident. SelectHealth is also an HMO, providing total coverage, access to a quality network of providers, and making care much easier to pay for with copays. Whether you choose an HMO or PPO, you have several options for a manageable premium in this city. Investigate your own rates by entering your zip code below, or call us at 888 803 5917 with any questions.

Living Well and Paying Less

One of the best ways to steer clear of the doctor is to use your environment to your benefit. With the abundance of recreational options in Salt Lake City, it’s easy to find ways to reinvigorate your immunity and avoid illness. Though you cannot hike away your potential of cancer, it is likely you will regulate your body’s systems and therefore prevent a wide variety of conditions.

Health insurance can help you get access to doctors when you do need them, and for much less than without coverage. It may be an irritating expense, but in the long run your plan can help you and your family save money. Wellness incentives through your plan can be helpful, especially if they are free or have a cash reward involved, and for individual plan members are less bothersome and more personal choice-oriented.

Whether using your health plan’s resources to help you stay in the best of health, or taking initiative on your own, Salt Lake City is the perfect setting. From city parks to national parks, the area provides plenty of free or inexpensive resources for exercise, enlivening activities, and wholesome food.


Healthy Activities

Within a 25-mile radius of Salt Lake City, more than 220 trails twist through the mountains, falls, and canyons. Some of the most challenging and technical trails are located in these steep, rocky hills, but other options accommodate those who want a stunning scenic walk. An outdoor paradise, Salt Lake City is a prime spot for any activity centered around nature, making green exercise a staple of the region. Close to the city or up in the mountains, there is much to explore and more excitement than a gym.



Hiking trails are all over the area, ranging from the serene Silver Lake Loop to the more intense, strenuous Lake Blanche Trail. You can discover mountaintop lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife all within a short distance of the city, hiking either a moderate or an extreme, more dynamic trail. Some of the best hikes in the United States can be had near Salt Lake City, including Bells Canyon in Sandy, a 4-mile expert-level trail with lots of traffic. View a longer list of hiking routes at All Trails.


Skiing & Snowboarding

Utah is a hub for skiiers, snowboarders, and other lovers of snowsports, with fresh powder, lots of sun, and the picturesque Wasatch mountains providing the ideal conditions. Within 30 to 45 minutes from the Salt Lake Valley, seven different world-class ski resorts make it easy for locals to ride in the exceptionally light snow without paying too much. Renting gear from a local shop is an affordable way to get out and stay active during the winter months, and according to SkiSaltLake.com, Canyon Sports and AJ Motion Sports have the best deals in town. Find a resort, get discount lift tickets, and start playing in the world’s best snow just miles from home.


Mountain Biking

In and around Salt Lake City, mountain bikers have their pick of some excellent trails for biking, with some of the most technical terrain on our continent. Smaller scale, less intense trails are also well-maintained throughout the area, with equally fun twists and natural obstacles. Ride the Mill Creek Canyon Trail and take your pick of routes that branch off the main course, winding  around the mountains amongst the deer. Or try another of the many trails in the area.


Road Biking

Road biking commutes are quite popular in Salt Lake City, but for a more natural experience, you can explore the hills of Bountiful and Syracuse on bike paths. The meadows of Farmington Flats offer mountain and road bikers lots of green and rolling scenery at 7500 feet of elevation. Looping through wildflowers in the summer, this is a great spot for touring or racing a friend. A few other trails are also located in the area to get you off the road.


Water Sports

Whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and other water-bound activities are a great way to balance your time off the trails or alternate your setting. Still lakes and fast rapids allow for a full range of water sports near Salt Lake City, including the Weber Canyon, a whitewater adventure 45 minutes from downtown. Take a full day trip or go for a few hours with a local company and some friends or family for an exciting experience.


Healthy Eating

In Salt Lake City, the area is rich with nutrition. Locally grown foods are available through several independent, open-air markets, notably the large Downtown Farmers’ Market during the summer. Restaurants and groceries welcome healthy eaters to explore the fresh flavors of farm-to-table and organic cuisine. Whether creating a nutrient-rich meal at home, grabbing lunch, or dining out downtown, Salt Lake City has the ingredients to make it happen.

  • Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market: A Saturday morning summer tradition, local vendors offer the freshest foods in addition to arts and crafts on Tuesday evenings in the fall. The organization (sponsored partially by insurer SelectHealth) also hosts a winter market. Pioneer Park, Downtown Salt Lake City.
  • Park City Farmers’ Market: Open Wednesdays from 12-6PM, organic produce and other locally grown items are available a few miles outside of SLC. Canyons Resort, Park City, UT.
  • Millcreek Community Market: Demos, workshops, live entertainment and great food are the backbone of this local market, open Thursday evenings from July-October. Historic Baldwin Radio Factory, 3474 S. 2300 E., Millcreek, UT.
  • Cali’s Natural Foods: Selling organic produce and other natural items in a local community setting. 389 W 1700 S, Ste C, (801) 483-2254.
  • Pago: Part of Restaurant Supported Agriculture (RSA), this farm-to-table restaurant is all about being local. Sourcing from local farms, their American-style dishes are a Salt Lake City favorite. 878 South 900 East. (801) 532-0777.
  • Sages Café: Known as the best vegetarian restaurant in Utah according to a local publication, this modern dining experience also offers delivery. 473 East 300 South. 801-322-3790.
  • Omar’s Rawtopia: Raw food and plant-based options with organic ingredients – the only one of its kind in the entire state. 2148 Highland Drive. 801-486-0332.
  • The Oasis Café: Open all day, this restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere and unprocessed, fresh whole foods for every meal. 151 South 500 East. (801) 322-0404.
  • Café Niche: Fresh and simple dining with plant-based ingredients, fresh seafood, and meat from local farms. 779 East 300 South. (801) 433-3380.


Image: math.utah.edu