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Living Well and Staying Covered in Sacramento, CA

Health & Medical Insurance in Sacramento

Sacramento is a prime major city for healthy living, with quaint parks located throughout the downtown area, and a very walkable layout. Therefore, residents of the “City of Trees” are strong advocates of walking, biking, and using public transportation, which contributes to overall health even more greatly. Of course, it is the west coast, where health is generally a priority, so there are plenty of outlets for buying local and organic products and communities advocating good health. As much of the nation’s best produce comes from the farms of northern California, Sacramento residents are fortunate to have an abundance of foods grown in ideal conditions within a short distance.

Sacramento health insurance also supports the city’s wellness, though premiums are higher here compared to much of the nation, they are within range for California. The area is served by a handful of private health plans, including Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, Blue Shield of California, and Aetna. Both HMO and PPO plans are available, which provides a better selection for different preferences. For staying healthy and guaranteeing safety, finding a plan with copays is your best move. HMOs like Kaiser Permanente and Health Net offer the most copays of any plan in Sacramento, and Kaiser also includes extra resources for wellness.

Presently, rates in Sacramento are fairly high for a truly secure plan. For a 38-year-old resident, a $2500 plan is about $300 per month on average, and unlimited office visits are hard to come by. A plan with a $4000 deductible with 30 percent coinsurance is the first Sacramento plan visible with no visit limit, from Blue Shield for $256 per month. Kaiser Permanente has a more desirable $3000 plan for $277 per month with 80/20 coverage and copays on several services before the deductible is met. To view all Sacramento plans and compare your own rates, enter your zip code below.

Living Well and Paying Less

Health insurance and other general aspects of California living are already costly as it is. Unfortunately, inflation occurs continually across various markets and us consumers have to comply. In order to reduce as many other costs as possible, adopting a healthy lifestyle is a great start. Luckily it is easy to lower medical costs as well as transportation expenses in Sacramento by commuting where you can on foot or bike. Whether for business or pleasure, the city allows for pedestrian traffic, and welcomes it, so you may as well use the opportunity.

Sacramento health plans can also assist you in meeting your health goals and staying well. Certain companies like Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente offer wellness programs and resources to their members, with information available through their websites as well as help getting through a certain type of condition. Aetna members have access to discounts on tobacco cessation products, weight loss programs, and fitness center memberships through their health plan. Check with your carrier to see what programs and discounts may be available to you.


Healthy Activities

Californians definitely know how to preserve their local land and use it to their benefit. Many trails and beautiful parks are located in and around Sacramento to give residents access to nature and activity. As health and the environment are such crucial elements of Sacramento life, it is important to use your resources. The great outdoors are right outside your door, whether you prefer a walk in the community or a climb in the cliffs. Discover some of your top local spots in Sacramento to get more active or vary your current routine.


Hiking & Trail Running

Though many times trails are not designated for both, runners can be found on hiking trails, and if you’re careful and considerate, there is no problem with sharing. The Sacramento area has some great multi-use and exclusively hiking trails, including several right in the city. If walking around town isn’t enough of an adventure, pay nature a visit for a few hours or view the city on a paved trail. You can find trails of varying lengths, though most tend to be acceptable for beginners.


Road Biking

Whether you’re cruising or training, there are several places to go around Sacramento to give your wheels a treat. As many bikes already frequent Sacramento, you’ll be in good company, and only a few months ago the first bike lanes were added to the city to allow for safer travels and accommodate a wider biking audience. If you’re enjoying your bike for cost-effective reasons as well as physical activity, we suggest you try some of these more scenic routes.


Mountain Biking

Getting a little more adventurous on your bike takes a bit of traveling, but it is worth the drive. While mountain bikers can obviously share some of the paved bike paths in the area, the fun stuff is a few miles out in Folsom and Granite Bay. The American River Trail also offers some nice mountain biking in addition to the paved portion, which is conveniently right in Sacramento. Take your bike out to one of these trails for some variation from the city.


Rock Climbing

The Sacramento region is ideal for rock climbers, with several indoor gyms to get you started and more than 200 routes to climb outdoors. Give your local cliffs and boulders a try and increase your skill with the unpredictability of natural surfaces. Certain areas, like Nut Tree Boulders are just open spaces providing various levels of challenge, free for the taking. Click here for a directory of routes near Sacramento.


Water Sports

The American River is the perfect setting for a paddle. Though the waters are calm in some areas, you can often find Sacramento residents taking their kayaks out for a run. There is also whitewater nearby, and if you go rafting or kayaking with a Sacramento-based group, they can get you adequately prepared for the experience. Try the Upper Cache Creek for class 2 to 3 rapids, and several others in Northern California for an invigorating excursion.


Healthy Eating

Sacramento is located near the fertile goodness of many farms, thus providing an excellent selection of locally and ethically grown foods. Between farmers markets and quality restaurants located throughout the city, there are many ways to nourish yourself with great ingredients in Sacramento. While some organic food options are a bit costly, you can make your own food and also dine out at several affordable spots. Add some of these establishments to your favorite places and get more out of your food.

  • Certified Farmers’ Markets: Open year-round, you can buy fresh, local foods direct from the farmers every week in your neighborhood. Various locations.
  • Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op: A full grocery with bulk foods, deli, and local beer, wine, and cheese who also holds cooking classes, caters, and works in the community 1900 Alhambra Blvd, (916) 455-2667.
  • Nugget Markets: Family-owned, local organic grocery chain with surprisingly good prices for the selection. 1040 Florin Rd, (916) 395-2875.
  • Taylor’s Kitchen: Gourmet grocery with cafe serving Sunday brunch and dinner Wednesday through Saturday. 2924 Freeport Blvd, (916) 443-6881.
  • Dad’s Kitchen: Inexpensive and organic with vegetarian options. 2968 Freeport Blvd, (916) 447-3237.
  • The Green Boheme: Raw, organic, vegan gourmet cuisine with the healthiest of options. 1825 Del Paso Blvd, (916) 920-4278.
  • Trio: Serving fine, local, fresh organic foods, this restaurant also includes a bakery and market. 826 J Street, (916) 444-7454.
  • Cafe Bernardo – Midtown: Healthy, fresh European dining for an affordable price. Additional locations in Sacramento and Davis. 2726 Capitol Ave, (916) 443-1180.


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