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Health Insurance in Riverside

In Riverside, California, residents are served by several great carriers for individual and family health plans. Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, and Cigna are the most reliable names for medical insurance in your city, and they each offer a different set of benefits and style of coverage. Kaiser and Health Net provide HMO plans, while the remaining companies use the PPO method.

To more thoroughly understand the market in Riverside, we ran a quote for a sample applicant living in the city, a 34-year-old female nonsmoker. This Riverside resident leads an active, healthy life, using the city’s terrain to her advantage and needing very few medical services. When looking for an insurance plan, physical activity and lifestyle become strong factors for determining cost and eligibility.

Using this quote, we found the most affordable plans for this Riverside resident by selecting the plans with a deductible near $2500, low coinsurance, and unlimited office visits. The best option came from Anthem Blue Cross at $181 per month, as their Premier Plus plan offers $30 copays for primary care visits with no limit, and coinsurance is 25 percent after deductible. Other plans close in price have 30 percent coinsurance, unless you choose an HMO with 100 percent coverage after deductible, which start at $249 per month from Kaiser Permanente.

In California, premiums remain the same regardless of your gender, and mainly vary based on location. To view all of your plan options in Riverside, enter your zip code below, or call one of our licensed California agents for a more personal approach at 888 803 5917.


Living Well and Paying Less

Lowering your chances of spending too much on health insurance involved being healthy. Insurance companies tend to favor those who do not require a large number of medical services throughout the year, and therefore give fair pricing. California insurance companies are already on the health reform tip, and they have begun to fairly price health care coverage for everyone regardless.

The long run, however, is not in your monthly premium payments. What you spend on medical services adds up, and the healthier you are, the less you need to use these services. As an added bonus, some health insurance companies often give rewards in the form of discounts, such as Anthem Blue Cross of California’s healthy living programs. By taking a health assessment and following up on taking healthy initiatives, members can receive rewards in discounts and a $100 debit card.

California is known for being a state of wellness and consciousness, though not everyone takes advantage of living to their health’s potential. Making wise decisions is not reserved for a certain age or socioeconomic group. Modifying the way you eat, and gaining activity will lead to a more satisfying, productive life, with less visits to the doctor. In this section are some ideas for being a healthy member of the Riverside community.


Healthy Activities

Southern California’s climate is ideal for enjoying the outdoors, as long as earthquakes and fires keep themselves under control. If you enjoy spending time outside, you have many options, whether you choose a paved journey or a hilly adventure. Riverside has a variety of ways to stay active while having a good time, much more fun than staring out a window and moving in place (though feel free to also use the gym if that suits you).



With mountains right in the neighborhood, Riverside has several hiking opportunities. Nothing too serious, and a good introduction if you happen to be a beginner or looking for something local to ease your way into a more advanced trail in the future. These are great for scenic jogs, as well, to get a break from the road.


Mountain Biking

Nearby parks and mountains offer plenty of great trails for mountain biking. Varying in skill level, a beginner or a practicing pro can equally enjoy a ride in the Riverside area, or venture several miles out for a greater challenge. Open year-round, a moderate selection of trails are well maintained by the parks department and ready to be explored.


Rock Climbing

Various rock walls near Riverside provide residents an opportunity for adventure close to home. Many levels of climber can find something to fit their needs locally, including several indoor climbs to get warmed up. For a full list of rock climbing areas, visits rockclimbing.com.


Whitewater Rafting and Paddling

Indeed, Riverside offers some water-based activities to its residents. Beginning in Riverside Park, the Upper Kern River offers Class II and Class III rapids in a 19-mile-long stretch of varied whitewater. Located in Kernville, this is a nearby alternative to the still water of the Santa Ana.



For the mind-body connection adventurer, yoga classes and guides are also available throughout Riverside. Various fitness centers and private studios offer an hour or so of relaxation and physical activity for those who prefer the indoor approach. View a list of centers in the Riverside area here.


Healthy Eating

Learning to tune your taste buds to a new channel of goodness and healthy ingredients is often mistaken for unsatisfying or overpriced. Eating healthy has come a very long way, and is as simple as finding the right places to dine and grocery shop. Accessibility is easier than you think, and in terms of pricing, many organics are basically the same cost as a GMO fruit or a fast food meal. Below are some of the options for healthy, organic dining and food stores throughout Riverside.

  • Sprouts Farmers Market: Full-service organic grocery – 475 East Alessandro Blvd, Riverside
  • Goodwin’s Organic Foods: Full-services organic grocery, juice bar, cafe, and locally roaming truck – 191 West Big Springs Road, Riverside
  • Oasis Vegetarian Cafe: Organic vegetarian, vegan, casual cafe – 11550 Pierce St, Riverside
  • Green Olive Grill: Mediterranean, sandwiches, with vegetarian options – 4294 Riverwalk Pkwy, Ste 200, Riverside
  • Clark’s Nutritional Center: Organic grocery with healthy cafe – 4225 Market St, Riverside
  • Farmer’s Market: The “real” farmer’s market, locally grown produce every Friday – 5271 Arlington Ave, Riverside (Sears parking lot) & 10800 Magnolia Ave (Kaiser Permanente Medical Center lot)