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Health Insurance in Fort Lauderdale

Residents of Fort Lauderdale have many great options for health insurance coverage, with some of the best carriers in the nation. Individual and family coverage is available from Aetna, Coventry, UnitedHealthOne, Cigna, Humana, and Celtic, each offering a number of different plans. To provide a better understanding of Fort Lauderdale health plans and cost, we ran a quote on a 28-year-old female resident, who stays healthy and active and is a nonsmoker. When choosing a plan, it is essential to consider your budget and lifestyle, as well as the kind of coverage you may need.

This sample applicant was looking for the most affordable, comprehensive plan for the least amount of money. With this criteria in mind, we narrowed down the selection to one plan from each company with the lowest coinsurance, premiums, and a $2500 deductible. For this South Floridian, it looks like the least she can pay per month is $170, with the FL Open Access Value Plan from Cigna. Benefits include 80% coverage after deductible, prescription coverage and $40 primary care visits.

HumanaOne is her next best option, as the Enhanced Copay 80 plan costs $219 per month for the same benefits as the Cigna plan, and $35 office visits. We would also highly recommend the V-2500 Copay HMO plan from Coventry One (formerly Vista Health Plan HMO) at $233 per month, which provides 100 percent coverage after deductible and $35 PCP visits. This plan also includes prescriptions, as well as dental and vision care. UnitedHealthOne also offers a plan for $233 with copays and 20% coinsurance.

Rates vary for everyone, based on a number of factors, one of which is being in good health. To find a plan with rates accurate for you and your family, enter your zip code below for a quote. If you have any questions regarding coverage, plan options, or your rates, you can speak with an agent at 888 803 5917.


Living Well and Paying Less

Saving money on health insurance has everything to do with your life choices. The more healthy you are, the less you will be charged for monthly premiums. Many health insurers offer incentives and rewards for choosing a healthy lifestyle when using their coverage. HumanaOne is an example of a Florida individual health plan that includes a rewards program for achieving health goals.

These programs give members the tools to get healthy, whether your needs are quitting tobacco use, changing your diet, or losing weight. All of these factors will greatly improve your rates as your BMI and blood pressure will decrease as will your risk level. Rewards include products, travel, resort stays, and other perks, on top of an eventually lower cost of coverage.

Whether you use the guidance of a program or feel like taking initiative on your own, there are many ways to live and spend more effectively. Staying active and eating well means you can look forward to lower health care costs and lesser likelihood of medical problems. Below we have shared some ways to stay healthy in Fort Lauderdale.


Healthy Activities

Many South Floridians may believe the only outdoor activities are the beach and the pool, which require no exertion of physical energy, unless you take a walk, run, or play volleyball. Those are all viable options, but if you tire of the sand and the sea (and the gym) after years of living in the area, it could be time to introduce yourself to a wider variety of physical activities.


Mountain Biking

In South Florida, there are multiple man-made mountain bike parks that offer trails ranging from novice to expert. A few hours riding around these courses, whether for a cross-country ride, or a technical singletrack section can provide a more exciting experience than a treadmill or riding on the pavement. However, for those more inclined towards a paved, scenic ride, there are trails for you as well. For a full list of Florida trails, click here.



If walking on the sand is blistering your feet, and your neighborhood is a bit limiting, try hiking some trails in nearby parks. Though they are more a short nature walk, it can add something more interesting to your exercise life. Many are even paved trails for those who need some easing into nature. Here are some ideas for places to go near Fort Lauderdale for a hiking adventure. Below are a few locations, for a larger list click here.



Sea kayaking is available to anyone with the proper equipment in the Atlantic, which can be a fun, easy way to compensate for the lack of waves that let down so many surfers in the area. For a greater excursion, the Everglades are only a short drive away for a canoe or kayak trip. One of the best paddling destinations in the country (99 miles of it) is right around the corner, so it might be worthwhile to explore.



South Florida loves yoga. From Vinyasa to Bikram, all levels of yoga participant can enjoy a relaxing, challenging, or intense experience. Beginners and those with health concerns should be advised against trying a Bikram class. If you’re going to be that devoted, at least ease your way into the sweltering room. Yoga people are also so spiritual that some classes are available by donation for those who want to be healthy and maybe cannot afford a “boutique” class. There are far too many yoga studios and classes in the Fort Lauderdale area to list on this page, so take a look at the directory here.


Fitness Centers

As a supplement to these more fun activities, the gym can provide some extra energy when necessary, especially for those on a busy schedule. Click here for a list of Fort Lauderdale fitness centers. Again, there are less costly options if you are feeling held back by membership fees, including several YMCA locations.


Healthy Eating

Though we will state the obvious -Whole Foods – every grocery store also offers organic, all-natural options, though perhaps not on as large a scale. Consider yourselves fortunate, however, because many areas of the country still do not have a Whole Foods Market (and you have three). You also do not have to become a vegan or vegetarian to eat healthy, or spend a ton of money. It all depends on ingredients. So whether you feel like making a meal at home or going out, you can still skip the grease and avoid a stomachache.

Here is a list of some places to buy healthy food or for dining out around Fort Lauderdale.