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Living Well and Staying Covered in Cleveland, OH


Health & Medical Insurance in Cleveland

Cleveland may not be a health destination but there are certainly enough ways to maintain an energetic lifestyle of balance in this mid-sized city. Home to families, young people, and residents of all ages, Cleveland has an opportunity for everyone to be active and pursue their best self. Many Clevelanders have made good health more accessible by creating organic, green businesses to supply the city with nutritious foods with an ethical background. The city is also close to many parks and beautiful natural areas where residents can take a break from the pavement and run along some dirt paths. While Cleveland has many reasons to get outside, the state of Ohio currently ranks pretty low for health measures – with smoking, air pollution, and obesity being continuous issues. However, there are plenty of resources to combat these statistics in your city and make Cleveland and yourself much healthier!

Health insurance in Cleveland is relatively affordable in an low-to-middle price range. Companies offering products for individuals and families in the area include regional plans SummaCare and Medical Mutual, as well as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, UnitedHealthOne and Humana. What does an mid-range premium look like in 2013? Well, after creating a quote for a 32-year-old male resident, it looks as though $115 per month for a $2500 plan from SummaCare is the best deal. However, for lower coinsurance, Anthem offers a plan for $139 per month. Each of these plans includes copays and prescription coverage to provide you the most benefits upfront. It’s just more convenient (and safe), and most people tend to prefer that type of plan.

Additionally, most of these copay plans are great because they come with the free health and wellness tools that all health plans should provide individual members (though some still do not). Usually, group coverage is a sure thing when it comes to getting free help quitting smoking, losing weight, or managing your diabetes, and individual plans don’t always include these “perks.” However, plans like Humana offer an incentive program for healthy living, with discounts on fitness club memberships and other items to keep you away from the doctor. Anthem also offers a similar program with reduced rates on certain services, as does Kaiser Permanente – who has a great comprehensive wellness resource through their website and includes discounts.

Living Well and Paying Less

Even though we say Cleveland health insurance is affordable, it goes without saying that health insurance shouldn’t cost as much as it does – or anything at all for that matter. Yet compared to living out West, it is an absolute bargain to buy an individual plan in Ohio for $130 per month. Rates just rose again with the new year, so like the cost of housing and food, our nation continues to profit from necessities. If you’re having trouble affording the basics and health coverage is definitely not in the picture, give Medicaid a try and see if you qualify for benefits. Feeling safe and not having to worry about potentially damaging medical expenses can set your mind at ease and reduce a lot of stress.

In addition to stress relief, health plans are a great tool to help you stay away from the doctor. Yes, though you’re paying for a service to make medical care more accessible, you can use the tools at hand like preventive care to avoid future visits for an illness or injury. You’re already paying to insure your health, so you may as well stay healthy. Using the rewards programs mentioned, or free tools from the web, you can get on track to a healthier, more budget-conscious life. Taking control of your health not only feels great, it has immense financial and long-term benefits.

In Cleveland, you can find various ways to stay healthy on a budget, and improve the overall quality of your life. It’s true! Eating well and incorporating exercise into your routine feels amazing, and you’ll find out how much money you can save by using your surroundings and making it fun!


Healthy Activities

Cleveland is full of life and activity waiting to be accessed. Many residents already know of the great places to take friends and family for an outdoor adventure, but it is common to get stuck in a rut and not know how to get out. Try going outside and walking, jogging, or hiking if it’s been a while since you’ve been off-road, or take a bike ride around the city for a fresh new perspective. There are also indoor options for activity, of course, but isn’t it preferable to actually go somewhere when you move your legs? If you like staying in one spot, that’s great too. Whatever your activity of choice, get going and stick with it, and perhaps by trying a few ideas below you’ll find something new to enjoy.


Hiking & Trail Running

Ohio has some beautiful places to visit around the Cleveland area. Parks with hiking trails are scattered throughout the region, providing views of lush forests, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. Explore your local terrain and get lost in nature (not literally) with some paths that are great for every skill level. You can even bring your dog to many of these locations. Below are some of the top rated trails of varying difficulties. Click here for a full list of Cleveland area hikes.


Road Biking

In addition to being a commuter or using your bike around town, you also have access to some less trafficked areas to get a few miles of more natural scenery. Cyclists have various paths to choose from in the city and in surrounding suburbs to switch it up from biking around the neighborhood or the city. Take the cars out of the equation and enjoy an invigorating ride.


Mountain Biking

Though there aren’t many places to mountain bike near Cleveland, at least you won’t be traveling far: most trails are within the city limits. Though ranked moderate in difficulty, you can still enjoy yourself on one of these trails. Stay in the city on an indoor track any time of year, head into the woods, or join the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association for some out-of-state trips to better trails and races (even fat bike races). Here are a few of the local spots for riding in Northeast Ohio.


Skiing & Snowboarding

There are a few places to ski or snowboard around Cleveland, though they may not be outstanding, they can fill your needs locally. Several resorts in the area offer trails for all levels of experience and all ages. It’s a great way to stay active in the winter, have a group outing, and decompress from the city mindset. Within a relatively short commute, you can get to several resorts that also double as hiking trails. Rent or buy some equipment, explore the snow, and give it a shot.



On the days you’re feeling less adventurous, or maybe feel like a different kind of workout, there are many yoga classes offered throughout Cleveland. Find one that suits you best and get a boost of energy paired with a weight off your shoulders. Yoga promotes relaxation and is great for strengthening your muscles while increasing concentration and awareness. Here are a few places to consider in Cleveland if you don’t already have a favorite.


Healthy Eating

Cleveland is apparently known for haute cuisine, and the more commonly consumed chili and ribs, but it also offers plenty of healthy, less pretentious and/or fatty foods in which residents can indulge. Cleveland, like many cities of its size offers multiple area farmers markets, as well as several organic and natural food options for dining out. You can buy your food direct from local farmers, resort to the Whole Foods, or support a local natural food store when you’re shopping for better ingredients. Even your regular grocery offers healthy, organic options, you just have to seek them out. Here are a few shops and restaurants worth considering to incorporate health into your eating schedule.


  • Flaming Ice Cube: Voted one of the best veggie burgers in the country, this cafe offers organic, healthy options for every meal, plus a coffee bar. 140 Public Square, 216-263-1111.
  • Lucky’s Cafe: Organic cafe and coffee shop with full breakfast, brunch and lunch menus featuring meat, cheese, and veggie items. 777 Starkweather Ave, (216) 622-7773.
  • Algebra Tea House: Inexpensive, organic, American (with a twist) and Middle Eastern foods for every meal of the day – and tons of teas. 2136 Murray Hill Rd, 216-421-9007.
  • Flying Fig: Moderate priced food with all local, organic ingredients. Most importantly, it has been described as innovative and fun! 2523 Market Ave, (216) 241-4243.
  • Farmers’ Markets: Fresh, locally grown and made produce and other artisan foods. Various locations around Cleveland.
  • Judy’s Oasis: Gourmet, all natural Middle Eastern food to eat in or take home. 1979 W 25th St, (216) 252-3444.
  • Nature’s Bin: Natural foods in a community-oriented setting that doubles as a nonprofit helping people with disabilities get therapy services. 18120 Sloane Avenue, Lakewood, (216) 521-4600.
  • Barley House: Far more than bar food, this spot offers options more omnivores and herbivores of all sorts with American, Irish, and salad bar selections. All ingredients are fresh, sustainable and local. 1261 W 6th St, 216-623-1700.



Image: Cityyear.org