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Living Well and Staying Covered in Charlotte, NC

Health & Medical Insurance in Charlotte

In Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city, healthy living is easy to come by. With a temperate climate perfect for spending time outdoors, and many places to eat natural foods around town, residents have great access to health and wellness. However, of the 751,000 people living in the city, not all are insured, and not all take advantage of their health potential. One of the best attributes of North Carolina cities is their preservation of the nearby hills and trees, adding to the air quality and allowing for a cleaner environment. With many parks in and around the city, Charlotte residents can take a walk, bike ride, or run right inside the city – or visit a more natural area within a short distance.

Charlotte health insurance rates resemble much of the state, with an average price range, depending on the carrier. However, you can still manage to find a benefit-rich plan for a reasonable enough cost, usually from Coventry. Other health plans in Charlotte include Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and UnitedHealthcare. Though usually characteristic of group health plans, some of these carriers offer wellness programs through discounted products and incentives on meeting health goals. This is a useful feature to look for in a plan, though not entirely necessary if your cheapest plan does not include such benefits.

For an example of current rates in Charlotte, a 26-year-old male resident could buy a $2500 deductible plan for $151 per month from Coventry. This plan includes 20 percent coinsurance after deductible, and more importantly, copays for unlimited office visits and prescriptions. Other plans of this nature are slightly more costly from Humana at $179 per month, and rates continue to increase with different carriers. Depending on which plan costs the least for you, you can find a way to use it to the fullest, getting the most out of your health and your insurance. To compare premiums in Charlotte for yourself, enter your zip code below.

Living Well and Paying Less

Being healthy in Charlotte is a matter of using the phenomenal resources at your fingertips between parks, local foods, and your health plan. While health insurance is not an aspect of life that anyone wants to pay for, it is something we all need. Coverage is essential to every person, hence the fast approaching law where it will be required of all Americans.

In the meantime, there are some worthwhile perks to plans on the individual market, including discounts on gym memberships, weight loss programs, and other health-improving endeavors. Humana offers a rewards program to its North Carolina individual members, providing reduced rates on eye care and fitness classes, as well as tools for tobacco cessation and disease management. Aetna also lowers rates on similar products and services. Check your carrier’s website for more information on wellness benefits associated with your plan.


Healthy Activities

Of course, much of being healthy is finding your own rhythm and ways to get active. Does anyone really like running anyway? There are many activities to keep every Charlotte resident occupied and improving their health other than a traditional gym membership or run around town. Although both of those are also¬† sufficient, perhaps you would like to try something new to keep you interested. Here is an assortment of fun ideas to keep you on your toes around Charlotte, without barely knowing you’re getting exercise.



North and South Carolina both offer some superb outlets for hiking, with nearby mountains and exquisitely preserved natural areas throughout. Any level experience hiker can get out into the wild and try a trail near Charlotte, as trails range from beginner to expert. Multiple trails are even within the city of Charlotte. A great way to explore your local surroundings from a less urban perspective, hiking can invigorate and provide a feeling of adventure not far from home.


Mountain Biking

Charlotte is in a prime location for mountain biking, surrounded by trails on all sides. There is even a park exclusively for mountain biking located right in the Charlotte area, adding more twists and turns and obstacles than the natural tracks. Though you may have to travel for a higher level of technicality, Charlotte offers a few places for mountain bikers to test their skill and get some practice. View a more detailed list of trails.


Rock Climbing

Between indoor gyms for practice and several climbs in the area, rock climbing is available throughout the entire state. North Carolina is one of the best spots for climbing in the entire South. Heading in any direction, there are hundreds of climbing areas in a short distance. Go with a group or on your own, and enjoy the challenge and concentration of scaling a rock wall out in the open once you’ve mastered the plastic. Kids classes are also offered at Inner Peaks in Charlotte, so you can bring the whole family.


Road Biking

If the dirt isn’t your preference but you still love the biking experience, there are great opportunities for cyclists of the pavement in Charlotte. Of course, many city and suburban roads work (especially with a bike lane) for commuting and just for fun. However, if you tire of sharing the road, there are some bike-specific paths throughout Charlotte and in the surrounding area. Try the Queen City Ramble if you’re looking for a challenge and a great tour of your city.



Charlotte is full of yoga studios, which means if you’re interested you can shop around and likely find a class that suits your needs. Some centers offer classes for the whole family, and many include the hot yoga option that is so very popular. Naturally, the least expensive way to do yoga is from home, but it is also good to have occasional guidance to make sure you’re safely transitioning from a tree to a dog. Click here for a full search of studios near you.



Healthy Eating

One reason Charlotte is so healthy is the number of farmers markets in the area, offering fresh, local foods. The Charlotte Regional Farmers Market is, in fact, operated by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and is open year-round. Charlotte also has a good supply of health- and environmentally-conscious dining establishments to feed the city with responsibly chosen ingredients. Take advantage of your city’s resources for great quality food, and take care of yourself in the meantime by trying some of these spots.

  • Charlotte Regional Farmers Market: Locally grown produce, dairy, meat and other foods throughout the year. 1801 Yorkmont Rd, (704) 357-1269.
  • 7th Street Public Market: Tons of vendors from sushi to pizza to raw food, this market is entirely regional and open every day. 224 E 7th St, (704) 230-4346.
  • Halcyon Flavors From the Earth: Using as many local ingredients as possible, this restaurant celebrates seasonal, natural foods in a unique, upscale setting. 500 S Tryon St, (704) 910-0865.
  • Luna’s Living Kitchen: Organic, local smoothies, juices, and plant-based foods. 2102 South Blvd, (704) 333-0008.
  • Earth Fare: Organic supermarket featuring recipes, cafe and more. 12235 N Community House Rd, (704) 926-1201.
  • Woodlands: Affordable organic South Indian cuisine with vegetarian options for lunch and dinner. 7128-A Albemarle Rd, (704) 569-9193.
  • Sir Edmond Halley’s: Pub-style restaurant serves a variety of healthy options from stuffed peppers to quinoa burgers.4151 Park Rd, (704) 525-7775.