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Living Well and Staying Covered in Charleston, SC

Health & Medical Insurance in Charleston

Charleston is a beach city and a historic Southern staple, unique in its mixture of culture and activities. As a beach town with a warm climate there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and stay active, though as a Southern city, there tends to be a less health-conscious population. However, as with many areas, there remains the choice of using your local outlets for great health food and recreation, or opting for a vacation from nutrition. Charleston also has various farmers’ markets to provide fresh, local foods, and build a healthy community. Utilizing these resources and getting out on a bike or on foot, riding the surf, or any other activity that suits your beach lifestyle can be done in Charleston.

Health insurance in this colorful South Carolina city is quite varied from individual insurers, though most plans are in an average range. One of the highlights of a private health plan is their attempt to get their members more healthy, so they don’t have to pay for so many medical bills. It’s a good plan, as it helps both you and them. Aetna offers discount programs to their individual members, giving a certain percentage off of fitness club memberships, health classes, and other products that can help you stay well. Humana is another company offering such a program, though theirs is an incentive program that rewards you for making healthy decisions.

Even if you don’t use the wellness extras provided by your health plan, it is essential to have on in order to save money and maintain your health. Charleston residents have several comprehensive plan options, starting at $141 per month for a $1500 Coventry plan for a 30-year-old male resident. The plans from Coventry in Charleston allow for lower deductibles at a lower premium than in most areas with similar plans, so that’s a plus. As everyone’s premiums vary, fill in your zip code below to find out how much your coverage will cost in Charleston.


Living Well and Paying Less

While you’re enrolled in a health plan, you have the option of a limited number of programs to help you lose weight, get vision care, and learn how to be healthy. And helpful as these tools are, your city is the ultimate resource for getting you started on a lifelong course of balance and health-conscious living. Charleston is walkable, bikeable, and has multiple outlets for outdoor activity, and as a artistic center, the city has continuous events to give you reason to explore.

In order to save on health insurance presently, you have to be healthy to begin with, and obviously many people don’t have this choice. In several months from now, health will be disregarded on a health plan application, but staying in nourished and in good shape is still key in keeping yourself out of the doctor’s office. And whether you choose to go through your health plan to embark on a healthy new routine or you just take it upon yourself, the benefits are endless – like a longer life and less money spent on illness.

Healthy Activities in Charleston, SC

Healthy Activities

Despite being both an urban area and a beach town, Charleston also has several nature trails nearby. The year-round temperate climate allows for residents to bask in the Carolina sun and do any activity they please. City parks also provide a modest amount of activity for anyone with kids, pets, or limited free time.

Throughout the county, those who live in Charleston can get adventurous in the woods or the ocean with a variety of ways to move, have fun, and increase mental well-being. And though outdoor activities are quite beneficial, you may also want to enjoy the indoors during the humid summer afternoons with something like yoga. In case you haven’t opened a tourist brochure lately, here are a few ways to stay on your feet in Charleston.



A beachside walk or jog can be fun, but can also get quickly overcrowded. Alternating with an invigorating nature hike through the Cypress Gardens, Magnolia Gardens, or Marrington Plantation can provide a bit of relaxation and peace of mind. Paved and dirt trails are offered throughout the area depending on your preference, in addition to the scenic, historic streets of Charleston. As the terrain isn’t too rough, you can go at any pace you like and still have an enjoyable experience.


Road Biking

Riding around the city can be equally gratifying as finding a less populous path several miles outside of town. A few towns over in Summerville, a 6.5 mile paved trail gives you a few more trees and wildlife. Road bikers and those with cyclo-cross bikes can enjoy the extensive Swamp Fox portion of Palmetto Trail, or the West Ashley Greenway for a slightly longer out-of-city tour. Commuting or cruising, the bike is an excellent choice.


Mountain Biking

No, there aren’t any mountains for several hours, but you can still revel in a few dirt trails for a nature run near Charleston. The trails in this area are more akin to cross country biking, with few obstacles and inclines, but plenty of scenery. It will take a few hour trip towards Columbia to find a more challenging and technical trail, but those who are fond of the outdoors may still appreciate what the area has to offer in close proximity.



Canoeing, stand up paddling, rafting, or kayaking, you can move through the waters of the Atlantic, as well as the nearby rivers and bays for time to bond with nature and get active. The attentiveness and mindset acquired while paddling isn’t something you can find on the solid ground, which makes it a truly wonderful sport. Go in a group, with a friend, or on your own to cool down in the summer months and keep moving in the meantime. Rent or buy gear, or take a course at one of your local outfitters or events.


Healthy Eating

The Charleston Farmers’ Market is a place for local artists and artisans to show off their work, but mainly for the region’s farmers and producers to supply the area with fresh, nutritious foods. Additional markets happening throughout the city and the surrounding towns also offer affordable prices on responsibly grown items. And luckily for Charleston residents, the arts, the beach, and natural food seem to coexist frequently, providing the area with several eateries for the hip and/or health-conscious. Explore what Charleston has to offer outside of the supermarket for organic, regional, and nutrient-rich foods.

  • Charleston Farmers Market: The largest farmers’ market in the city, offering entertainment, art, and of course, great local meats, produce, and other foods. Marion Square, King & Calhoun Streets, (843) 724-7305.
  • Stono Farm Market: Organic, local foods grown right nearby on Wadmalaw Island. 842 Main Road, Johns Island, (843) 559-9999.
  • Healthy Home Foods: All-natural and organic market with catering. 7311 Pepperdam Ave, North Charleston, (843) 277-3663.
  • Alluette’s Cafe: Soul food with a healthy twist. Organic ingredients and a lively menu have brought wide acclaim to this spot. 80 A Reid St, (843) 577-6926.
  • The Glass Onion: Great food at great prices, this Southern restaurant provides organic ingredients and healthy options throughout the day. 1219 Savannah Hwy, (843) 225-1717.
  • Puree Organic Cafe: Juice bar, organic cafe menu, and whole foods for every meal. 1034 Chuck Dawley Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, (843) 884-5464.
  • Black Bean Co: Natural, organic, plant-based menu with delivery and take-out for eating well on-the-go. 869 Folly Rd, (843) 277-2101.
  • Five Loaves Cafe: Filling, nutritious options for meat eaters and vegetarians with quality, organic ingredients. 43 Cannon St, (843) 937-4303. Additional locations.


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