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Living Well and Staying Covered in Boulder


Health & Medical Insurance in Boulder

Home to miles of world-class trails, Boulder is a quaint yet growing mountain town with a vibrant, health-centered community. Often noted for being one of the best U.S. cities to live in, as well as one of Colorado’s most liberal locales, Boulder has consistently been ranked in the top cities for health, wellness, education, and art. Outdoor recreation is an essential part of Boulder living, with over 36,000 acres of open space, conservation areas, and nature preserves. Hiking is available throughout the city and county, with trailheads to Chautauqua Park located in the city limits.

Most of Boulder’s culture revolves around being active, whether going rock climbing or biking, or attending one of the city’s various festivals throughout the year. Boulder completes its natural inclination with a stellar downtown Farmer’s Market to supply the population (who doesn’t grow their own food) with locally-grown freshness.

Boulder health insurance offers plenty of choices. Some of the nation’s and the region’s strongest carriers offer individual and family plans in this city, such as Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross of Colorado, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and the regional Rocky Mountain Health Plans. In Colorado, rates are generally in the mid to high price range. For example, you can buy a health plan as a healthy, nonsmoking 30-something for less than $200 per month through Rocky Mountain, and for a little bit more get access to Kaiser Permanente’s HMO network for $207 per month. Rocky Mountain offers the lowest-cost PPO with a larger number of benefits, and Kaiser includes the most upfront benefits.

Choosing a plan with copays is the best way to ensure you stay out of financial trouble with medical bills. Sure, your premiums are higher, but it puts you and your family in a safer place. Boulder residents already do so much to stay healthy, you might as well pay less in the event that you do need medical care. If you aren’t yet insured, find a way to get coverage so you have more options than healing crystals in an emergency situation. Health plans also cover more than the conventional office visit by including a few alternative therapies with coverage, and discounts on those that aren’t covered.


Living Well and Paying Less

Boulder residents know it’s expensive to enjoy their high quality of life. Rent and real estate are already inflated in this scenic, desirable city, and health insurance rates are fairly high themselves statewide. While health reform takes care of many of the rating problems involved with health, your medical costs can still be more than you’d like even after health status discrimination ends. Until next year, being healthy can get you better rates, however.

Saving money on medical care now and in the future all depends on how well you take care of yourself. Using the abundance of local resources in Boulder for healthy living, combined with those of your health plan, can yield great results. Most individual health insurers in Boulder offer a rewards or discount program for participating in healthy activities, buying healthy products, or managing a condition.

Anthem Blue Cross, Humana, and Kaiser Permanente each offer their own program to help members stay healthy and make better decisions about their physical and mental wellness. Find out more about these companies here.


Healthy Activities

Boulder is a destination for some of the best outdoor activities in the country, and if you live there, you likely relocated for that among other reasons. Between the music venues and events and the incredible Colorado outdoors, Boulder residents have the best combination of nature and culture to keep them on their toes. If you’re already getting a daily or weekly allotment of exercise, try a new activity to mix it up. If you haven’t yet explored all your city has to offer, take a few of these activities into consideration. We expect it will at least be amusing to try something new in this beautiful city.


Hiking & Trail Running

Taking a good incline (and decline) on for size is an excellent way to build strength and increase your knowledge of the outdoors. Boulder is one of the best places to find all variations of exhilarating trails for any level of hiker or runner. These trails are known internationally and anyone living nearby should definitely take advantage of the excitement and recreation they offer. With the Rocky Mountains to play with, you can definitely encounter more serious challenges than most other areas in the country. Try some of these top-rated trails.


Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is what Colorado is all about. Trails for mountain bikers often consist of difficult, technical courses, but that’s what you’re here for isn’t it? There are a few intermediate trails, however, to get you warmed up if you’re just getting acquainted with the local rocks. Explore some of these options for cycling around Boulder. These are some of the most enjoyable trails for all levels of rider according to All Trails.


Road Biking

Road bikers also have a strong presence in Boulder, as the steep climbs and twists of the pavement are energizing and great practice. There are plenty of paths for road cyclists in the Boulder region to add some variety and scenery to sharing your ride with other vehicles. If you’re looking for a big challenge, this area has, again, some of the nation’s top locations for road bikers. Here is a small selection of many places for road bikers to ride.


Nordic Walking

Grab some poles and try Nordic walking in the Boulder area. With various classes to get you started, you can experience more physical benefits than regular walking by applying force to the poles with every stride. Your whole body is more involved and you therefore activate more muscle groups and increase your heart rate more than a non-pole walk. Below are a few locations in Boulder where you can take Nordic walking classes.


Rock Climbing

If there weren’t places to rock climb in a place called Boulder, that might be strange. Find numerous gyms to gain climbing skills and head out to the real rocks and cliffs in the area on your own or with a group. Colorado has the highest concentration of rock climbing opportunities than anywhere else in the country, and Boulder has the most locations in the state, which makes it a worthwhile activity to try given the easy access.



Healthy Eating

Boulder’s healthy residents have tons of places to eat to stay nourished within a short distance. Buying local foods and organics are completely available, and it is easy to eat healthy when dining out. While most everyone in Boulder, from hippies to Olympic athletes, already knows where to go, we’re going to provide a quick rundown of ideas for healthy eating on-the-go, for various occasions, and natural food shopping. And if you’re not already frequenting these places, definitely take a look and add one or two to your to-do list for the next time you get hungry or plan an outing.

  • Boulder County Farmers’ Markets: Local, organic produce and other locally created treats. Various Locations.
  • Alfalfa’s: Natural, organic market (or delivery) with fun events and great food. 1651 Broadway Street, 720.420.8400.
  • Lucky’s Market: Organic, sustainable, local, traditionally crafted foods from and independent grocer. 3960 Broadway St #104, (303) 444-0215.
  • Salt:  Mid-priced organic lunch, brunch, dinner, and dessert supporting farm-to-fork practices. 1047 Pearl St, (303) 444-7258.
  • Black Cat: Upscale, organic farm-to-table dining. 1964 13th St, (303) 444-5500.
  • The Organic DishHealthy, organic meal kits for pick up and delivery. 2690 28th St., (303) 736-9930.
  • Shine RestaurantOrganic, local brunch, lunch, and dinner plus herbal tonics, fresh juices, and a healthy community. 2027 13th St., (303) 449-0120.
  • Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant: Local, organic, green food from late morning to night. Owners also offer several other healthy eateries throughout Boulder. 2010 16th St, (303) 442-1485.