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Living Well and Staying Covered in Baltimore

Health & Medical Insurance in Baltimore

Though it may not seem near enough to nature to be a healthy city, Baltimore is so walkable (the 14th most walkable in the nation according to Walk Score) in many of its neighborhoods that it is easy to be active and healthy without needing a nearby mountain. The city has numerous parks, which also allows for a regular amount of activity, and they also are incredibly well-stocked with organic and healthy foods. Baltimore has multiple farmers’ markets, and the cost of health insurance is also very low (the lowest in the nation on average), making it easy for residents to stay covered. Additionally, some of the world’s best medical facilities are nearby, including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Baltimore individual health insurance is very affordable for a major city and it has some great plans to choose from. Kaiser Permanente is always favorite, offering very inclusive HMO plans to residents of Baltimore, and Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, and Coventry provide coverage on the PPO side. Each of these companies has their strengths, but Coventry usually offers the lowest rates, as they are headquartered nearby in Bethesda. Depending on the carrier, you also have access to wellness or discount programs to keep you healthy. This allows members to use their IDs for reduced rates on gym memberships and other health-related products.

The current market in Baltimore is still priced well, as discovered by running a quote for a 45-year-old resident. Coventry leads the way with a $2500 plan featuring 80 percent coverage and unlimited primary care office visits for a copay for $119 per month. Other plans with a greater array of benefits are more than $200 per month, which is still low for this age group compared to most major cities. Find our how much your premiums will cost in Baltimore by entering your zip code below.

Living Well and Paying Less

Let’s discuss how you can get the most out of your health insurance and ultimately spend less money in Baltimore. As a Baltimore resident, you are surely already used to the perk of low rent, low cost insurance, and decent prices for everyday needs. However, no one really wants to pay a premium on their health, and they shouldn’t have to – but that’s our reality. In order to stay healthy and reduce your risk of becoming ill, being active and making positive lifestyle choices can keep you far away from the doctor.

Using your free preventive care services as a covered individual is also wise, because it’s free! If you only need to see the doctor for those exams each year, that is quite an accomplishment and attests to taking care of yourself. Of course, we can’t plan on accidents, but even incorporating health into your life can reduce your risk of those.

More health equals less medical care. As a plan member through Aetna and Kaiser Permanente, you also have the ability to use your membership to stop smoking, control your weight, manage a condition, and get other health resources for a discount or for free. All health plans should include these benefits, but because they don’t –  we’re here to help give you as much free information as possible.


Healthy Activities

Baltimore has more than 6,000 acres of parks and open space, and while there are few bike lanes, many residents still use the old, winding roads as a great way to commute and stay active. Those who live in Baltimore have access to recreation for all ages with basketball courts, golf courses, and tennis courts. There are many ways to be healthy and live well in Baltimore, and many of your options are very inexpensive. Here are a few ideas to try in your city if you’ve grown tired of the indoors or forgot what the Baltimore area has to offer.


Road Biking

There are many routes in the city to keep cyclists busy, though some of the best extend beyond Baltimore. Not far from Baltimore, parks and woods provide a great outlet for road bikers who want a less traffic-ridden ride, and even in the city you can find several parks to bring your lovely bicycle. If you’re really serious, you can participate in one of many races or join a cycling club, but if not, just go on your own or bring a friend or two.


Mountain Biking

Though the city itself isn’t exactly the spot for mountain biking, the Baltimore area is hilly and wooded enough that numerous trails are still available nearby. You can opt for a dirt trail or make your own course of the city’s cobblestones and uneven sidewalks. Taking a ride out to a state park is also an option within a few miles of the city to try different types of trails and enjoy more natural surroundings. For a larger list of trails click here.



Maryland and the Baltimore region have some beautiful hiking trails that guide you through the local forests. While a walk or run through the city parks can be pleasant, it can be very refreshing to get out of the city for a few hours and be outdoors. No matter your pace, you can find a great pace to hike near Baltimore and have a less urban, more relaxing experience to counter your city walking. For a full list of where to hike around Baltimore click here.


Horseback Riding

Maryland is equally as enthusiastic about horses as it is about crab cakes, with many trails for equestrians to ride in state parks and other open spaces. A very fun, engaging and productive workout, horseback riding is a great sport for the skill and coordination you gain. While it may not be the cheapest sport, if you know of someone who has a horse, that may be the best way to get started. Otherwise, you can hit up a farm and take lessons.


Healthy Eating

Baltimore is an ideal place for finding fresh, local food as well as quality natural items in various shops. Restaurants in the city are also accommodating to healthy and organic needs, so if you do dine out occasionally you have a great selection. With multiple farmers’ markets throughout the city, it is your truly your best bet to buy your own local food and make it yourself. If you haven’t already, try some of these options for nutritious eating in Baltimore.

  • Baltimore Farmers’ Markets: Fresh, local produce, dairy, meats, and artisan foods. Various locations.
  • O.K. Natural Food Store: Independent, organic and natural grocery. 11 W Preston St, (410) 837-3911.
  • SunSplash Natural Foods: Small chain of organic and natural food stores with cafe. 7006 Reisterstown Rd, (410) 486-0979.
  • Liquid Earth: Organic and vegetarian cafe plus juice bar and smoothies. 1626 Aliceanna St, (410) 276-6606.
  • Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen: Healthy Mediterranean meals, salads, and appetizers for an affordable price. 745 E Fort Ave, (410) 727-7482.
  • Agora Market/Black Olive: Juices, breakfast, lunch and more Greek goodness with healthy ingredients and vegetarian options. 803 S. Caroline St., (443) 681-6316.
  • Shapiro’s Cafe: Coffee, organic produce and juices, smoothies, and Middle Eastern food. 7 W. Preston St. (443) 220-0050
  • Sticky Rice: Menu is a cross between Pan-Asian and American, with great prices and healthy ingredients. 1634 Aliceanna St, (443) 682-8243.
  • The Helmand: Afghan cuisine with fresh, quality ingredients. 806 N Charles St, (410) 752-0311.