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Medical Insurance, Your Health, and Your City

What is the key to lowering health insurance premiums? As auto insurance policyholders should strive to be economical with their gas and attentive on the road so they receive discounts, those who purchase a health plan should strive to be… healthy! In this section, we will explore various regions of the U.S. and let you know the best ways to stay active, eat nutritiously, and ultimately reduce healthcare and insurance costs in your area.

The only way to save more money on health insurance is by being the ideal candidate for health insurance, i.e., no serious illnesses, medications, risk factors, or anything that leads to a surplus of medical costs. The factors that determine how much you pay for health insurance are age, weight to height ratio (BMI), tobacco use, family size, and health risks based on your medical history. Clearly, you have no control over your age, so it is your responsibility to hit all the other targets for health insurance savings.

In addition to saving money on health insurance, why not live longer, function better, and enjoy living? Being healthy isn’t just for a certain type of person. There are activities to do and foods to eat that nourish your mind and body, and don’t feel like a looming obligation – they can actually be exciting and fun (if you don’t know this already). If you consider yourself somewhat lazy, we are about to provide you with tons of ideas to feel excited about.

Why Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

As we are well aware from headlines and statistical reports, obesity, diabetes, and smoking are extremely prevalent throughout the nation. In order to get everyone on health insurance by 2014 and not put ourselves in a deeper hole of massive debt, it might be in our best interest to get on a health kick. Besides, if you’ve never tried it before, just switching from eating french fries to drinking an all-natural smoothie (broad generalization) makes a drastic difference in your physical energy levels and brain function.

Organic food is popular for a reason, and it’s not just because Whole Foods and “going green” are so very trendy. It also is not more expensive than fast food! Non-organic food is genetically modified and hormone-ridden, and it leads to further health problems. Imagine being able to function better without relying on a magical beverage or a new prescription. Sleeping well and being alert both depend very much on your level of activity and what foods you consume. You will find yourself saving lots of money on your lifestyle and your health insurance when you make more deliberate, conscious decisions about nutrients and physical wellness. Eating right and exercising (and saving money) is our main focus for health living in each city we feature.





Staying Healthy in Your Area

Every part of our nation, however flat or mountainous, populous or sparse, gives its inhabitants the opportunity to have some kind of recreation. If you are not an outdoorsy type, there are plenty of ways to be active minus the insect bites that might be a little less thrilling, but get the job done nonetheless. Some of us are more low key and keep it indoors, which does not have to involve a room full of other people if you don’t like the gym. Impossible, you say? Buy a few pieces of your own equipment, it will be a worthwhile investment.

However, as someone transitioning from a excuse-making, indoor-lover to an active appreciator of the outdoors, I would like to help give America a little push to try something new, if you have not already discovered the joy of nature. You can give your body, mind, and wallet some respect and have fun while doing it. Build up your tolerance for the bug bites, grab a bike or some grippy shoes, and see what your city has to offer!




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