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Home Remedies


One of the easiest ways to avoid the doctor and save yourself the stress of high medical bills is to start at home. If you have access to a well-stocked grocery store, natural food store, or even a retail drugstore, you can find many ways to heal yourself without compromising your wallet. In this section, we’ll cover some of the best methods for getting your health and well-being in great shape on a budget.

Many times it’s simply unnecessary to see a doctor in the first place, not even just to avoid the charges. Even convenient care centers like Minute Clinic can cost more than you want them to, and certainly more than taking care of things on your own. Once you add up the cost of the visit and add the cost of whatever follow-up treatment they suggest, you could be paying easily over $100. If you have an ailment that can be healed at home, why not give it a try at least before you seek professional help? The doctors will thank you, and we guarantee you will be much happier in return.

There have been many discoveries, both medically approved and not, that effectively treat common health problems. While it is usually safe to go the natural route, there are also risks involved with taking herbal remedies, so if you are ever unsure about a certain treatment, call your doctor. They can’t charge you for a phone call (usually) and it will be much more relieving than having an adverse reaction. If your doctor is unavailable, call a nurse practitioner, assistant physician, or telemedicine professional to help.

Of course, over-the-counter medications also have their concerns. Always take caution, read warning labels and ingredients, and make sure that you have nothing to fear before you begin a home treatment. If you take medications already, be especially cautious as to what you use as a remedy. Many treatments will not require consultation, but if you have any hesitations, consult a professional – they won’t be irritated. Again, providers will be thrilled that you won’t be increasing their number of medically unnecessary visits for the year.

If you don’t have a doctor and you don’t have coverage, you can search our database of localized health plans in a matter of seconds. If you find you can’t afford one of these plans, find out more about public health plans in your state and see if you qualify for a program like Medicaid or CHIP. Enter your zip code below to see all the plans in your area with personalized premium rates.

Stay healthy!