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Free Health & Wellness Tools


The internet is the ultimate place to manage your health on a budget. With many low cost or free tools for tracking calories, meeting goals, and reviewing foods for nutritional content on-the-go, you have your pick of helpful apps and sites. Saving money and staying healthy is the main objective of this site, so we will guide you to a few of the best web assistance for managing your weight, quitting smoking, becoming a nutritional guru, and training yourself to be a better you.

According to multiple studies, people who monitor their progress are much more likely to fulfill their health goals. The idea is to use these apps as a helpful sidekick for staying on track, and not become consumed with any fancy extras. The most effective ones are the most user-friendly and basic, propelling you on your path of healthiness. As always, before you start a new workout endeavor, consult your physician to make sure it’s safe.

There are also some great apps out there to improve your overall well-being, including one that notes pressure points to help relieve a variety of symptoms, as well as a motivating organizational program. Consider some of these apps and sites for a free way to carry wellness with you at all times.


The Best Free Health & Wellness Apps



Free for iPhone and Android devices, this app provides one of the easiest ways to read nutritional information on packaged foods when you’re shopping. Scan an item and Fooducate gives graded feedback based on its health content and nourishing properties. It also provides healthier alternatives for items you may pick up that don’t make the nutritional cut. People with food allergies or diabetes can also find this an exceptional resource.



Free and compatible with iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Android, this one helps you set your own calorie limit and track  your ability to meet it according to the foods you eat. LoseIt allows you to log physical activity, blood pressure, and sync data with other devices as exercise and nutrition tools. Additionally, for support along the way, LoseIt provides a community for you to discuss your goals and progress.



Track how much water you drink each day and make sure you’re getting enough. Unfortunately for the Android users among us, WaterLogged is an Apple-specific app. Works with iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. If you’re having trouble remembering how much you need to stay hydrated each day, this one’s a winner.


Massage Map 3D

This free app is also Apple-exclusive, but is really intriguing and worth a mention. By identifying the pressure points throughout your body, you can manage and reduce symptoms of headache, stress, and other discomfort or pain. Massage Map 3D shows you where these points are located on a 3D map of the body, and provide a nice detailed description on how to access them. According to a licensed Acupressurist, this is highly accurate and helpful.



Free for iPhone users, people with diabetes can monitor their glucose levels by taking data directly from their glucose monitor with an iPhone-specific cable and adapter. Glooko also transmits information to your medical providers if you need it to, just make sure your glucose monitor is compatible with the app before you try to use it.


Workout Trainer

Free for iPhone and other i-items, as well as Android devices, this app is incredibly simple and has reached more than 9 million downloads – so it must do something right. The app allows you to customize a workout that you enjoy, even if you’re not a gym person. You can also choose your workout based on certain areas of the body you want to target, and set how long and vigorous you want your session to be. Workout Trainer is one of many health apps available from Skimble.


Cardio Trainer

A very thorough assistant that keeps track of pace, calories, and miles as you perform any physical activity for prolonged periods of time. Walking, running, cycling, weight training and yoga all count for this app. Real time voice notifications notify you of your progress, and you can view personalized graphs to view an overall idea of where your positive changes will take you. Cardio Trainer is available on the Android market.



StopSmoking is a great Droid app for helping people quit smoking. It provides motivational advice and tracks the money you save by not buying cigarettes, as well as reminding you of the time you last smoked. An ideal tool for helping yourself or someone else achieve their goals and clear out the lungs. It’s also free.



One of the most widely used apps for health and fitness, MyFitnessPal allows users to monitor their physical activity and nutritional intake in one place. It also provides nutritional data for thousands of foods, whether entered manually or scanned by bar code. It’s free for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Windows, Blackberry, and Android. There is also a social component to keep members connected to each other for encouragement and meeting goals.



Keep the web’s most popular medical news and information resource in your pocket with a wide array of features including a directory of hospitals, pharmacies, and providers, and an image-based pill identifier. You can also search their database for symptoms and medical topics of all sorts. Comprehensive and user-friendly, WebMD provides incredible apps which even allow users to store medical records securely and sent to providers as needed. Free and compatible with iPhone and Android.



Free Online Resources for Wellness



Whether you have a fancy smartphone or tablet or not, you can take a visit to this site for much of the same characteristics found in the health and nutrition apps frequenting the market. Created by Self, this site helps you determine the best foods to eat for your specific needs, whether diabetic, losing weight, or just making healthier decisions. NutritionData is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their nutritional knowledge and care about what they put into their bodies.


The Daily Plate

The Daily Plate is a calorie tracker that gives you access to one of the web’s largest food libraries, lets you log your physical activity, and provides graphs and charts to help you see where your program is headed. Set goals for yourself and connect with the Livestrong community. Unless you feel like donating to cancer research (or should we say… Lance’s habit?), the site is free to use.


Free Wellness Library

This little spot has over 15,00 articles and other resources on staying financially, physically, nutritionally, and mentally well. Find PDFs galore and educated yourself on anything from food to tobacco cessation. Visit the Free Wellness Library.


No matter what you choose, the internet is here for you! Through our site and countless others, you can find tons of information on any health topic of your choice. Remember, lazy, corner-cutting Americans (said with love and of personal experience), that we have the ability to change ourselves and these apps are only providing a minute helpful slice of information to keep us aware of what we consume and how we live. The apps are not responsible for our changes, we are!






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