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Food and Nutrition: Living Well and Staying Safe


In this section, we will explore the best ways to keep your body nourished and running smoothly using the most natural and healthy sources of energy. Proper diet and nutrition is essential to living well and improving the quality of your life, though it varies from one person to another. Having a basic understanding of what your body needs to function is all you need to launch into a continuous state of healthy eating. It’s as simple as figuring out how much energy you need each day and how much food will provide the right kind of energy for your body and mind. There are many helpful tools to help us estimate what we need and stay on track from there, including some great apps for Android and iPhone.
Regardless of what you need to get you started, you can do it for free, and make a positive change right now.


There are so many healthy options available for all kinds of food that it is nearly impossible to turn down a better lifestyle. And, if cost is a factor, merely consider that discount stores like Target and Walmart carry a significant amount of organic products to counter their less healthy selections. Delis, cafes and many major franchises have made moves to cater to the green audience, and as years go on, healthy foods without GMOs or hormones make it to our shelves and plates for a lower price than a decade ago when it was still a rising trend.

However, it is essential to read labels, as even some foods who appear to be healthy (e.g. “all natural”) are still processed and have been subject to inconsiderate growth methods. Being chemical-free is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your food, and when you see statements like 100% natural, this gives no indicator of how the food was made and where it came from – and yes, these are important when considering how well you want to function. Chemicals in processed and non-organic foods can certainly cause illnesses, and therefore you may find yourself slowly working your way back into the doctor’s office more often. For a top-notch immune system, among other systems, definitely consider every item you consume, especially if you have had medical problems in the past.

Another topic of interest when discussing food is keeping the right frame of mind. If you stay focused on how you’re feeling (and how much money you’ll save by not getting sick), how you look will matter significantly less. As you can’t see your insides functioning on a daily basis (unless you’re attached to a number of expensive machines), you will find your overall well-being and health functions take precedence over appearance. Even those who need to lose weight should do so on medical recommendation, and be safe and healthy in their method of losing weight. Taking care of yourself should be as natural as possible, yet even the world of natural foods and supplements can lead into weight loss fads and extreme practices. Be safe, and be careful. Again, always read labels and find out the purpose of certain ingredients. Keep your overall survival and longevity in mind, instead of losing weight in the short-term, and you will have much, much better results.

Food is both delicious and our life force. We have so much to attribute to adopting healthy, balanced eating habits. You will find that when you eat a nutrient-packed meal, it is incredibly refreshing and filling, and gives you far more energy than “empty calories” ever will. Physical and mental processes depend on getting certain vitamins, proteins, and other fuel. While counting calories can be tedious, and also not entirely necessary, it helps for some people to get a knowledge base for how much they need to eat and when. Hopefully, after a certain point you can coast along on your own and trust your hunger to tell you how much food you need.

Here, we will explore healthy, wonderful foods, with great recipe ideas, tips, and information to keep you educated and eating like a pro!

As always, we encourage our readers to offer their own insights and tips if they have any knowledge to share! If you have a great recipe with health ingredients, or know of a superfood or incredibly beneficial item we have yet to mention – let us know!