Welcome to our compilation of health and wellness resources.

As a health insurance brokerage, we try our best to surpass the expectations and tendencies of this industry, and provide everyone – regardless of income level – tools to stay healthy and receive the medical care they need. In many cases, it seems healthy living is for the privileged or obsessive: those who can afford a personal trainer or chef, or who commit to a strict, costly diet, but in fact, there are many ways to stay active and eat well without spending your life savings.

Over the years, we have devoted page after page to public health insurance programs to spread the knowledge of low cost and free coverage to those who need it. Our nation’s health is always in need of improvement, whether it be lung cancer, obesity, diabetes, or any other condition that frequents our population. It is equally important to encourage and educate people about health, and why having a health plan is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That is our aim.


We have included information ranging from organic restaurants in your city and how to utilize the outdoors to benefit your health, to how to reduce your health insurance rates and some avoid deadly viruses.

If you’ve ever had insurance through you employer, you may be familiar with wellness and incentive programs. Consider this our version of a wellness program: free, educational, and with you in mind. Anyone who is bored of their workout routine or steady diet resembling the taste of cardboard is also welcome to open their mind to some new ideas.

As you may know, medical coverage costs less when you are healthy and your recent medical history is a clean slate. When you are living thoughtfully and taking care of yourself, you will likely visit the doctor far less. We hope to share some insight on how to nourish your physical and mental well-being, and protect your finances simultaneously. With healthcare costs inching upward each year, it is essential to stay informed – and insured.