Adult Day Care

The Washington Adult Day Services Association is the coalition of adult day centers in Washington. Incorporated in 1981 as a not-for-profit corporation, WADSA’s mission is to increase access to quality, availability, accessibility and cost-effective adult day services in Washington. Our members serve a diverse population of adults and are committed to making sure that individually tailored programs are offered in a safe, health-enhancing environment.

Our members believe that life should include joy, passion, fun, family and friends…and aging should be no exception. WADSA champions living arrangements and supportive services that are safe, well-chosen and integrated into the community.

WADSA is driven by our commitment to:

  • Provide comprehensive social and health care support to those living with chronic illness
  • Provide caregivers with accurate information about long-term care and other supportive services
  • Support formal and informal family caregiving
  • Encourage aging in place is a service of the Washington Adult Day Service Association, (WADSA), the coalition of adult day care and adult day health care providers throughout the state of Washington. Adult day care and adult day health care professionals provide quality services to individuals and their families and caregivers throughout the State of Washington.

Adult Day Centers are an invaluable resource for individuals and families dealing with chronic health care concerns by offering health care services along with recreational and social events on a daily basis. Adults of all ages in need of functional support attend Adult Day Centers to spend their days in a safe place while remaining at home in the evenings. Adult Day Centers provide needed comfort for participants, family members and caregivers.

Adult Day Centers provide safe, quality care for frail and vulnerable adults. This site will help you learn more about Adult Day Services and find a center that is right for your loved one.