Premera Blue Cross – Washington

Before you get too excited for this plan, we are still waiting for final approval for the new individual plans in Washington.

Premera Blue Cross is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association serving businesses and residents of Alaska and Washington state and includes these great features;

  • The Premera Blue Cross extensive healthcare provider network – 27,000 privately contracted physicians, hospitals and other providers in Washington and Alaska.*
  • Around-the-world coverage for around-the-world people. The BlueCard® network consists of participating Blue Cross Blue Shield providers across the United States—so it’s easy to get care when you’re away from home. And your plan covers care when you travel abroad.
  • The Power of Blue—Wherever you go, you’ve got the credibility and power of Blue Cross behind you.

Expansive provider networks

This plan offers you access to statewide and nationwide networks that offer valuable discounts on billed charges—so you can save money.  The Heritage network includes thousands of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers throughout the state, including rural areas.

When you travel outside Washington, you can use a nationwide network of Blue Cross Blue Shield-contracted providers that are part of the BlueCard® Program.

Extras! Discounts for Members

Premera has negotiated special discounts up to 60% off on health and wellness products and services not covered by your health plan. 


You must be a resident of the state of Washington and not eligible for Medicare to apply.

What is not covered

Benefits are not provided for treatment, surgery, services, drugs, or supplies for any of the following:

•           Learning disorders

•           Neurodevelopmental disabilities

•           Chemical dependency

•           Infertility

•           Sexual dysfunction

•           Sterilization or its reversal

•           Obesity/morbid obesity, including food and exercise programs

•           Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery (except as specifically provided)

•           Dental services (except as specifically provided)

•           Hearing examinations or hardware

•           Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

•           Orthognathic surgery

•           Services payable by other types of insurance coverage

•           Experimental or investigative services

•           Over-the-counter or non-prescription drugs

•           Services in excess of specified benefit maximums

•           Services received when you are not covered by this program