Spokane Health Insurance

The health insurance companies available in Spokane include KPS, Asuris, Group Health, and one of my favorites LifeWise.  There is no Blue Cross company though Regence in fact owns Asuris and has very similar plans.  There is a fifth company as well, but as of today they have no 2011 plans available and they of course are Premera Blue Cross.

So which is my favorite Spokane health insurance plan?  LifeWise steals the victory with their simply terrific and affordable plan the LifeWise WiseEssentials Rx $2500 which is just so darn cute and affordable that I am pretty much recommending it for anyone in Spokane that needs an individual plan.   Really the only drawback with the LifeWise plan is the office visit maximum which is:

First 6 visits PCY: 25% Coinsurance, deductible waived
Additional visits: 25% Coinsurance after deductible

Of course if you are going to the doctor more than 6 times a year, it might be better to choose a different plan altogether, but again this plan has the lowest out of pocket maximum too, which in the event of a catastrophe will be welcomed.  The out of pocket is 5k and the deductible is 2500.

My second favorite plan in Spokane is the Asuris WA EmergeCore plan which is also quite affordable but has a much higher out of pocket maximum at 10k including the deductible (remember the LifeWise plan is only $7500) and has a similar premium to LifeWise.

The Asuris plan also has an office visit limitation as listed below;

$35 Copay for first 4 office visits primary/specialist, deductible and coinsurance after.

The KPS Plan aka the Centric $2000 Deductible (owned by the Group Health people) is in 3rd place and that is so only because the premium is higher than the other 2 companies for virtually identical benefits though again their out of pocket is only $500 higher than LifeWise.  I do like the KPS plans from Group Health plans in general and they might easily be the best priced plan in your demographic.  That being said the actual Group Health plan (not the KPS plan in Spokane) is almost 25% more than these other 3 companies so I am not going to discuss them that much here.

Also remember that this picture I am painting is based on a 35 year old male and if I had a family the winner could be very different as some of these companies have significantly greater family discounts.  Run your own Spokane health insurance quote here.