Seattle Health Insurance

There are literally 4 dependable companies to choose from in the Seattle health insurance market.  (Actually there are more, but East Coast Health Insurance only sells “reputable” carriers and the carriers we don’t offer simply don’t compare in benefits or price to these 4).

Without further adieu, they are Group Health, KPS, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Washington, and of course LifeWise.  But the question remains, which of those 4 companies offer the most health insurance benefits for the least amount of money in the great city of Seattle?

Well the answer is course usually dependent on your age, zip code, and whatever family members you include in the quote, but for the sake of argument I ran a few sample Seattle health insurance quotes to get a feel for the market.  The good thing in Seattle, and Washington as well is that most of these companies are non profit meaning that they can pass their tax savings on to you.

So for a 35 year old male living in Seattle, the clear winner was actually LifeWise.  That being said these plans vary greatly and are hard to compare to each other as the benefits are so different.  But based on monthly premium, deductible, out of pocket maximum, and office visit coverage, LifeWise was definitely the best pick for me.

Their LifeWise WiseEssentials RX $1850 Plan costs $197 per month and is simply outstanding when compared to the $250 premiums from the other carriers in this class of plans.   The only drawback is that there is only 6 office visit copays per year before the office visits are applied to the deductible (meaning you will pay the visit fees until you pass your deductible and coinsurance).  Additionally, the deductible is of course only $1850 and the coinsurance maxes out at $4k.

The other 3 companies all have about 2k more in out of pocket though KPS has a plan for $181 that is priced really well and is definitely number 2 in the Seattle health insurance market.  The Centric $2000 Deductible is actually fairly good but it has the same drawback as the LifeWise plan and only has a limited number of doctor visits.

Between Blue Cross and Group Health, the decision for the number 3 spot was almost too tight too call, but I did anyways and went with the Group Health Balance 1750 Plan which is pretty impressive as well but at $236 is simply not that affordable, of course with health insurance, nothing is really affordable anymore.  The good news is that this plan has no limitation on office visits but the bad news is that the out of pocket is $7,750 which is just too high for that premium in my opinion.

I am fairly surprised to see Blue Cross Blue Shield of Washington which is a non profit, come in so high in their premium but perhaps they have had overly high losses in health lately, but still I just can’t imagine going with their plan with with an 8k out of pocket for $256 per month.  Not too mention they have a limitation on office visit copayments.  In the past Blue Cross Blue Shield has dominated the Seattle and Washington health insurance market but their pricing is simply too high in the first quarter of 2011 to recommend for 35 year old males.