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Kaiser Permanente – Virginia

One of the best plans in the country, Kaiser Permanente, has been ranked highly for all of their HMO products. If you are looking for a health plan in Virginia that gives you a long list of services with a great network of providers, this is it. Kaiser Permanente has a long history of being an innovative, influential part of our nation’s managed care system, especially noted for starting the HMO. Part of the Kaiser Family Foundation and Kaiser Hospitals, they connect members to cutting edge technology and excellent service, and are the largest nonprofit health insurer in the country.

Virginia is part of Kaiser Permanente’s Mid-Atlantic region, which serves more than 488,000 members in certain areas of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Northern Virginia is provided with three different plan types, each including more coverage than you can find anywhere else in the state. Each plan covers maternity care, emergencies, office visits, and preventive care, among many others. For those who do not mind being limited to an HMO network, these plans are ideal. Choose from copay plans and deductible plans with services covered from day one, or enroll in a consumer-directed plan for tax benefits.



Kaiser Permanente Plans in Virginia


Copayment Plans

For the most possible coverage and instant access to a large array of benefits, Copayment plans offer copays for nearly every covered service. Neither plan option has a deductible, which makes it all the more simple to get the care you need at a low cost. For example, the KP 0/25/Rx includes emergency care for a $150 copay, PCP office visits for $25, and preventative dental care for $30. A higher premium gives you the ability to dismiss deductibles and coinsurance, and receive a variety of services for a low cost.

Kaiser Permanente VA Copayment Brochure


Deductible Plans

A low premium plan type that still provides plenty of coverage with copays, Deductible plans give members unlimited office visits for a predictable cost. Emergency and urgent care are also included for a copay, as are prescriptions after a $100 pharmacy deductible. Based on the plan you choose, you pay 20 or 30 percent coinsurance for surgery, hospital care, and maternity, all offered within the Kaiser Permanente HMO network. Preventive medical and dental care is also included with your Deductible plan.

Kaiser Permanente VA Deductible Brochure


HSA-Qualified Deductible Plans

Compatible with health savings accounts, these plans offer a different approach to the traditional HSA. Once your deductible is met, nearly half of your covered services can be paid for with a flat rate, such as office visits and maternity care. Other types of care are covered at 80 percent after deductible, making this a very unique HSA plan. Members can use an HSA to pay for their medical expenses or save their funds for retirement. Wellness programs are also offered to HSA plan members.

Kaiser Permanente VA HSA Brochure


Find out why we love Kaiser Permanente so much by calling a licensed agent at 888 803 5917. If you prefer finding out for yourself, read the attached brochures and look up your rates with a free health insurance quote.