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Humana One Exclusions and Limitations

Medical limitations and exclusions

This is an outline of the limitations and exclusions for the HumanaOne individual health plan listed above. It is designed for convenient reference. Consult the policy for a complete list of limitations and exclusions. Your policy is guaranteed renewable as long as premiums are paid. Other termination provisions apply as listed in the policy.

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The issue ages for HumanaOne individual health plans are two months to 64.5 years. The maximum age for a dependent child is 25 years if the child is a full-time student and 19 years if the child is not a full-time student.

Pre-existing conditions

A pre-existing condition is a sickness or injury for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received during the six-month period before the covered person’s effective date of coverage. Benefits for pre-existing conditions are not payable until the covered person’s coverage has been in force for 12 consecutive months with us. We will waive the pre-existing conditions limitation for those conditions disclosed on the application provided benefits relating to those conditions are not excluded. Conditions specifically excluded by rider are never covered.

Other expenses not covered

Unless stated otherwise no benefits are payable for expenses arising from:

Services not medically necessary or which are 1. experimental, investigational or for research purposes.

Services not authorized or prescribed by a healthcare 2. practitioner or for which no charge is made.

Services while confined in a hospital or other facility 3. owned or operated by the United States government, provided by a person who ordinarily resides in the covered person’s home or who is a family member, or that are performed in association with a service that is not covered under the policy.

Charges in excess of the maximum allowable fee or which exceed any policy benefit maximum.

Expenses incurred before the effective date or after the  date coverage terminated.

Cosmetic procedures and any related complications  except as stated in the policy.

Custodial or maintenance care

Infertility services

Pregnancy and well-baby expenses

Elective medical or surgical procedures; sterilization,  including tubal ligation and vasectomy; reversal of sterilization; abortion; gender change or sexual dysfunction.

Vision therapy; all types of refractive keratoplasties or any other procedures, treatments or devices for refractive correction; eyeglasses; contact lenses; hearing aids; dental exams.

Hearing and eye exams; routine physical examinations for occupation, employment, school, travel, purchase of insurance or premarital tests.

Services received in an emergency room unless required because of emergency care.

Dental services (except for dental injury or dental anesthesia services for a dependent child under certain conditions), appliances or supplies.

War or any act of war, whether declared or not;  commission or attempt to commit a civil or criminal battery or felony which results in a conviction.

Standby physician or assistant surgeon, unless medically necessary; private duty nursing; communication or travel time; lodging or transportation, except as stated in the policy.

Any treatment for the purpose of reducing obesity, or any use of obesity reduction procedures to treat sickness or injury caused by, complicated by, or exacerbated by obesity, including but not limited to surgical procedures.

Nicotine habit or addiction; educational or vocation therapy, services and schools; light treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.); alternative medicine; marital counseling; genetic testing, counseling or services; sleep therapy or services rendered in a premenstrual syndrome clinic or holistic medicine clinic.

Foot care services

Charges for nonmedical purposes or used for environmental control or enhancement (whether or not prescribed by a healthcare practitioner).

Health clubs or health spas, aerobic and strength conditioning, work hardening programs and related material and products for these programs; personal computers and related or similar equipment; communication devices other than due to surgical removal of the larynx or permanent lack of function of the larynx.

Hair prosthesis, hair transplants or implants and wigs.

Injury or sickness arising out of or in the course of any occupation, employment or activity for compensation, profit or gain, whether or not benefits are available under Workers’ Compensation. This exclusion does not apply to a covered person qualifying as a sole proprietor, officer or partner under state law, and such benefits are not covered under any Workers’ Compensation plan, provided the covered person is not covered under a Workers’ Compensation plan, except for certain professions or activities as stated in the policy.

Attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, whether sane or insane.

Organ transplants not approved based on established criteria or investigational, experimental or for research purposes.

Charges incurred for a hospital stay beginning on a Friday or Saturday unless due to emergency care or surgery is performed on the day admitted.

Any drug, medicine or device which is not FDA approved.

Contraceptives other than oral, including implant systems and devices regardless of the purpose for which prescribed.

Medications, drugs or hormones to stimulate growth.

Legend drugs not recommended or deemed necessary by a healthcare practitioner or drugs prescribed for a noncovered injury or sickness.

Drugs prescribed for intended use other than for indications approved by the FDA or recognized off-label indications through peer-reviewed medical literature; experimental or investigational use drugs.

Over the counter drugs (except insulin) or drugs available in prescription strength without a prescription.

Drugs used in treatment of nail fungus

Prescription refills exceeding the number specified by the healthcare practitioner or dispensed more than one year from the date of the original order.

Vitamins, dietary products and any other nonprescription supplements.

Services received during an inpatient stay when the stay is primarily related to behavioral, social maladjustment, lack of discipline or other antisocial actions which are not specifically the result of a severe mental disorder.