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Virginia singles and families have access to a variety of PPO plans from Aetna, with many alternatives for those who want to lower their premium, get more coverage, or use a Health Savings Account. Health insurance from Aetna favors some who usually get rated up or declined for their medical history or current mild conditions. Many people, including women and tobacco users, in Virginia who would be turned away for coverage or experience a drastic rate increase will find a better health plan choice with Aetna. Aetna is not only a great insurer for Virginians but nationwide they serve 18 million people with health insurance coverage.

Aetna’s various product lines in Virginia are each accredited by the NCQA for meeting rigorous quality standards, with a status of Commendable or Excellent – their highest ratings. A.M. Best has given Aetna an “A” for Excellent financial strength and performance. With a long history of service, award-winning technology, and continuing efforts to provide healthier lives in the community, Aetna is a solid source of individual coverage in Virginia.



Aetna Individual Plans in Virginia


High-Deductible PPO

With two deductibles to choose from, these plans offer low monthly premiums and the option of opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) with tax benefits. Choose between $2500 and $5000, and get 80 percent coverage after deductible on all services, from prescriptions to physicians and hospital care. Using your HSA, you can withdraw funds for qualified medical services until your deductible is met.

Aetna Virginia PPO High Deductible 2500 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO High Deductible 5000 Benefits



PPO plans connect members to a Preferred Provider network with the convenience of copayments for essential services such as generic drugs and doctor’s office visits. Depending on your deductible, members can have a limited or unlimited number of covered visits for a copay. With a range of deductibles to choose from, you can select a plan that meets your needs and budget, while providing low cost, upfront benefits. $7500 deductible plans cover unlimited primary care visits and dental care.

Aetna Virginia PPO 2500 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO 3500 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO 5000 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO 750 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO 7500 Benefits


PPO Value

For a lower price on PPO plans, Virginians can turn to the PPO Value Plan, which connects you to the same network and a basic framework of benefits. Receive coverage at 60 to 80 percent after deductible, copays for your first three office visits, and generic prescriptions for a $20 copay. Choose from a range of deductible options to get the premium that works best for you.

Aetna Virginia PPO Value 10,000 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO Value 1500 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO Value 2500 Benefits

Aetna Virginia PPO Value 5000 Benefits


Preventive & Hospital Care

An HSA-qualified plan with a limited number of covered services – as the plan name suggests. Preventive care is covered at no cost when using in-network providers, and select hospital services are included fro 20 percent coinsurance after deductible. Only one deductible option is available for these catastrophic plans.

Aetna Virginia Preventive & Hospital Care 3000 Benefits


Considering an Aetna plan in your area? Research rates and compare plans with a quote tailored to your specifications. Call a licensed agent today for a consultation by phone at 888 803 5917.