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There are four main companies in the Virginia health insurance market and this is sort of our table of contents for each company.  You can use this page to get all four companies in this section.

Aetna– national health insurance company offering AARP plans in Virginia plans as well as their usual fantastic products in the individual market.  Very competitive in the senior market.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia–  the most competitive company in Virginia price and benefit wise due to their status as a non profit and the tax status enjoyed because of this.

United Health One– their usual selection of plans in Virginia including their Copay Select plans which are a great value in many cities in Virginia.

Humana One– offers almost identical plans to United Health Care and are have built a decent network in the Virginia health insurance market.

Optima Health Insurance – simply awesome pricing.  Not available everywhere in Virginia, but if they are in your city, they should 100% be considered for you and your family.