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Roanoke Health Insurance

Roanoke, Virginia is the largest city in Southwest Virginia, with a population of just under 100,000. From commerce to cultural attractions, Roanoke provides the region with a bit of liveliness, though the laid-back pace of the mountains keeps it low key and authentically Southern. In addition to offering work and play, Roanoke provides a beautiful landscape, which includes the Roanoke River, Mill Mountain, the Appalachian Trail to the north, and the Blue Ridge Parkway, leading into another range to the west. The area supports a wide array of outdoor activities, keeping residents healthy and active. Roanoke is also known for its wineries and vineyards, and holds various festivals and events – especially in the warmer months.

As for health insurance in Roanoke, the five major companies in the state also serve the Southwest Virginia region. Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Anthem, and Optima Health all offer individual and family plans in Roanoke. Residents have a great selection of plans in the area, with just enough variety to ensure each plan offers something different. Regional insurer Optima offers a few great plans for a low cost, including semi-comprehensive plans and complete traditional PPOs for better prices than all of the nation carriers, at least in several demographics we searched. Aetna does a good job at keeping up, however, offering their trusted line of PPO plans with similar benefits.

All plans will vary slightly based on the applicant, so for the best scope of your own rates among these companies, get a Roanoke health insurance quote.


Roanoke Virginia Health Insurance


Roanoke Sample Health Insurance Quote

Comparing premium rates for one particular type of applicant can give you a better idea of what carriers offer the most benefits for the lowest rates, though it obviously changes based on variety of factors. For this example I chose a 40-year-old female resident of Roanoke, healthy and nonsmoking. If she’s trying to save money, there is a great plan in the $2500 deductible range (the standard for this particular example) with a few covered office visits for a copay from Optima starting at $138 per month. However, for the highest level of benefits in this range, the most affordable plan for her would be Aetna’s PPO 2500. Though in contrast to the other plans, Aetna’s coinsurance is higher, you still get unlimited office visits and generic drugs for a copay.

Optima’s only plan in this range with unlimited visits has a $1000 deductible and a $2000 out-of-pocket limit. With 2o percent coinsurance after deductible, this may be a good choice as well. For brand names, the Optima plan has a $150 pharmacy deductible, which is much lower than most carriers if you need special medications. This plan even has copays for mental health care, a benefit you could rarely find elsewhere. I would recommend sticking with Optima or Aetna as the premiums go up from here, but Anthem does offer an excellent set of benefits despite the cost.

Anthem in other demographics is more affordable and offers the same plan, Premier 2500, with 100 percent coverage. If you run a quote, you can also see this plan has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars by local policyholders. Actually, this plan includes all tiers of prescriptions without a deductible, and offers reasonable copays for primary and specialty care. Chiropractic is also covered in the deductible. This plan might be better priced for male residents, but honestly, $223 is not terrible for a 40-year-old female in the South. Especially with the Blue network, this plan is a top choice in Roanoke.






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