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Norfolk Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers great, affordable Norfolk health insurance quotes from Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, United Health One, and Optima Health Insurance. To see which plans are most affordable for you and your family in Norfolk, click here to get a Norfolk Health Insurance Quote.

The Norfolk Health Insurance Market and Sample Quote

AARP – Premier $2500 Deductible Plan – $402 –  In Norfolk, AARP offers plans for people over 55, and I highly recommend AARP which is underwritten by Aetna, if you have a pre-existing medical conditions.  AARP  has the most lenient underwriting and will usually accept you with the premium after factoring in a condition like hypertension or high cholesterol.  Thus, I usually recommend most people over 55 to never rule them out.

United Health One – Copay Select 2500 – $406 –  This plan is well priced here, but in reality Blue Cross and Optima Health Insurance plan blows them out of the water in terms of price and benefits and they will rider out any pre-existing condition so they are not usually a good choice for anyone actively taking medication.

Aetna PPO 2500 – $499 –  Aetna offers AARP plans in Virginia so their pricing is skewed for the over 55 demographic.  Very affordable in the under 55 group and the most trustworthy company here period.  What do I mean?  They have never rescinded a policy on any of customers.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – KeyCare Flexible Choice – $397 – Hands down, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia is the best choice for nearly 99% of the people shopping for individual health insurance in Virginia.  This plan is way better then any other on this page (excluding Optima which is an HMO) in terms of benefits and premium.

Optima Health  –  Optima Plus 25/1000 – $416.08 –  This plan is simply amazing for everyone that likes great benefits at great pricing.  Far and away the best plan in Norfolk for the money if your doctor accepts the plan and you like HMO’s.