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Newport News Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance is the leader in Newport News health insurance quotes.  We offer health insurance plans from every major Virginia health insurance company and can help you sort out your health insurance situation is the incredibly difficult time.  With health insurance premiums skyrocketing and no end in sight, now is the best time to get a good health insurance agent and broker on your side.

The Newport News Health Insurance Market

The five main health insurance companies in Newport News include Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, Optima Health Insurance, and United Health Care.  Of these five companies for probably 90% of Newport News residents the decision will probably come down to either Blue Cross Blue Shield or Optima.  Of those two companies the best company could be one or the other depending on your demographic, medical history, and physician needs.

What about the other 3 companies?  Well most of you can stop reading already, but for anyone else that is not content with either Blue Cross or Optima, we will briefly discuss Aetna, AARP, and United Health One.

First of all, I love Aetna!  And Aetna underwrites AARP but in Virginia, they are just not that competitive.   However AARP and Aetna will accept you if you have medical conditions which might come into play if you take more then one medication or have some other set of circumstances.

And finally there is United Health Care which for all practical purposes can be ignored by most Newport News health insurance shopper due to price and benefits.