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Lynchburg Health Insurance

Lynchburg is located on the banks of the James River in central Virginia, and is the most populous city in the region. As the hub of the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the state, Lynchburg has preserved its history in a variety of architectural sites and museums, including the Old City Cemetery Museum and Arboretum, as well as the . An educational city, Lynchburg is home to five facilities of higher learning, including Liberty University, Virginia University of Lynchburg and Randolph College.

With the Blue Ridge Mountains nearby, outdoor activities are also a fixture in the Lynchburg area. Hikers have access to the beautiful Crabtree Falls, the longest waterfall east of the Mississippi, and the James River Heritage Trail provides cyclists, runners, and pedestrians with a tour of the area’s natural habitat. A quiet city with roots in nature and American history, Lynchburg’s name may be a bit unsettling, yet it continues to serve as a key residential and commercial area of central Virginia.

Living in Lynchburg, you have several options for individual health insurance coverage, as is demonstrated throughout the state. Most of your choices connect you to the nation’s largest insurers, and therefore, extensive networks whether you seek care in or out of your coverage area. Lynchburg area premiums are comparable to other cities in the Southeast, in an average range,with $2,500 deductible PPOs starting at $107 per month for a 30-year-old male resident in good health. In certain cases, Coventry will be the most affordable plan, though Optima also offers a few low-cost options. Check your own rates by getting a personalized quote for every single plan in Lynchburg, at least from the insurers you can trust.

Lynchburg Virginia Health Quotes

Sample Lynchburg Health Insurance Quote

For a 32-year-old female living in the city of Lynchburg, comprehensive $2,500 health plans start at $121 per month from Optima Health. This regional plan offers a good balance of upfront benefits and strong coverage after deductible, but notice the office visit limit: four combined PCP and specialist. If you want the extra assurance of an unlimited amount of visits for a copay, Coventry is the next least expensive plan in this example. However, the Optima plan also covers up to $500 of outpatient laboratory and X-ray work at no cost to the plan member, which can be a plus.

Coventry One’s PPO is the best bet for this resident, as prescriptions and office visits are covered for a copay and the out-of-pocket limit is $1,000 less than the Optima plan at $5,000. Additionally, emergency care is covered for a $500 copay, and services like chiropractic and mental health care are covered, which isn’t always true for other plans in Lynchburg.

Another great option in this area is Anthem’s Premier PPO with 100 percent coverage after deductible, and unlimited visits with a physician or specialist for $40. Prescription coverage is also interesting, with no separate deductible to meet, and generic and brand names both covered for $15 or 40 percent coinsurance as soon as your plan starts. Chiropractic care is also offered as a first-dollar benefit, as are mental health care and substance abuse services, so this plan truly gives you the most coverage possible.

To find out more about these plans or view the full array of options in Lynchburg, get a free health insurance quote.





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