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Chesapeake Health Insurance

The Chesapeake health insurance market caters to just over 200,000 residents and East Coast Health Insurance offers 5 main health insurance companies in Chesapeake.

The best way to shop health insurance in Chesapeake is to run your own Chesapeake health insurance quote which is based on your age, family size, and zip code.  But to make your life easier I ran a sample quote for some different age groups and will discuss the results here.

Using a 59 year old male in Chesapeake as my sample, I picked plans that were as close as possible to each other in order to make the comparison as fair as possible.  However, Blue Cross and Optima Health Insurance offer such amazing pricing that the competition is hardly a competition at all.

Sample Chesapeake Health Insurance Quote

AARP offers their Premier $2500 Deductible Plan which has the easiest underwriting in Chesapeake (and Virginia for that matter) but they are not as affordable as Blue Cross or Optima unless there is a pre-existing condition.  For a 59 year old male this plan costs $402.

Aetna is very competitive in the under 55 market but because they handle AARP they are just not competitive in the over 55 demographic.  They also excel when there is a single parent with more than 2 children.  Their plan costs $500 for a 59 year old male!

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers their KeyCare Flexible Choice which has a 2,500 deductible as well but with no coinsurance!  So your exposure each year to risk is $3000 less then the competition.  This is usually a no brainer in most cases, always look at Blue Cross in Chesapeake.  Also their network kicks butt.

United Health One is the same as AARP and Aetna in Chesapeake except their underwriting is not very nice and they will usually exclude any condition that requires medication and so forth.  They are competitive in other demographics but again Blue Cross beats them hands down across the board.

Last but not least is Optima which like Blue Cross offers the most value in Chesapeake, though they don’t have a national network like Blue Cross. Still I personally prefer their plan over even Blue Cross due to the fact that they offer amazing service.