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And the winner of the J.D. Power and Associates Texas health insurance review contest is… Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, for the third year in a row. According to your votes and reviews, the good people in the Texas health insurance market have awarded Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas the best health insurance company award. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is a very responsible company and you would be remiss if you didn’t consider them for your individual health insurance plan in Texas if they are competitive in your particular demographic.

Aetna, however, in Texas and the rest of the country, is one of the most reliable and dependable health insurance plans for individuals, period. As of late, their health insurance plans have gotten to be more expensive than the rest of the country but this is because they take human beings.  Humana One will not accept half of the people that Aetna does.  As a result, however, their premiums have gotten higher than their competition over the years.  Still though, if you have any medical conditions in the Texas health insurance market you should consider them.  Additionally, if you are over 55, AARP is being underwritten and administered by Aetna and they are offering a magnificent and affordable health insurance plan.  If you are looking for an individual health insurance and are over 55, please call us, as the AARP is a health insurance plan that we are able to sell and very few other brokers are.

Cigna is a new entrant to the individual health insurance market, and is, in fact, probably the least expensive health insurance company in Texas health insurance. We love their premiums. Certainly consider them if you are shopping for Texas health quotes.

Falling short this year is Humana, dropping from second place in the 2012 rankings, but has since been surpassed by every other major Texas insurer. Humana has worked hard to earn their way back from a terrible reputation which they don’t deserve. Humana One is an individual health insurance product that has nothing to do with their HMO for Medicare. It’s like two different companies.  In fact, over the years we have put many people in Texas and Florida with Humana One individual, and many of them are actually still there.  The product is just like every PPO health insurance plan and is great.


Texas 2013 Health Plan Rankings




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