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United Health Care


UnitedHealthcare provides individual and family health coverage on and off the Marketplace.

If you buy an off-exchange plan, UnitedHealthOne or Golden Rule will be listed on your insurance card. Nevertheless, it’s the same company – all tied to healthcare giant UnitedHealth Group.

As a UnitedHealthcare member, you have access to a national PPO network of 754,000 medical professionals and physicians, and 5,400 hospitals. Individuals also have the option of supplemental benefits such as dental, accident and term life to boost their level of protection.




UnitedHealthOne Plans in Texas


Health Insurance Plans

Get access to a larger number of in-network physicians and facilities. The Choice Network provides a high quality of care at discounted prices for members of UnitedHealthcare Copay and HSA plans.

View all plan options in Texas available direct from UnitedHealthcare below.

For more information on tax credit eligible plans, call an agent at 888 803 5917 or get a quote.

UnitedHealthcare Individual Plans in Texas


Copay Plans

Copay Plans are represented on all metal levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – giving Texans more options!


Copay Plans UHC


Bronze Copay Select plans provide enough coverage for the basics and beyond, depending on your needs. Bronze Copay Select is cost-effective with low premiums, 20% coinsurance and 4 primary office visits for $50.

Silver Copay Select plans give you access to more services at a low upfront cost. Our recommendation is the Silver Copay Select 1 as there is no cap on copay office visits and the total out-of-pocket exposure is less than the alternative Silver plan.

Gold Copay Select has smaller copays and lower deductibles. These policies are better options if you need more care and coverage.

Platinum Copay Select buys you the most coverage with UnitedHealthcare in Texas. The annual deductible is only $750 and coinsurance is 10%.


Health Savings Account Plans

Use your high deductible to your advantage and start a tax-deductible savings account.



Short Term Medical Plans

UnitedHealthOne Short Term coverage is an excellent choice for individuals and families. If you need a policy to keep you safe during a coverage gap, these plans actually cover a good number of services.

Negotiated rates leave you with a low patient responsibility for medical care, and claims are processed lightning fast (for an insurance company) within 12 business days.

UnitedHealthcare Short Term Medical Plans in Texas
Find out more about UnitedHealthOne plans in Texas by calling a licensed agent at 888 803 5917 now, or doing your own research with an instant health insurance quote.



More About UnitedHealthcare

Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company, has been an underwriter and administrator of UnitedHealthOne plans for about a decade, and has sold individual health plans for over 65 years. Connected to one of the nation’s largest health care organizations, UnitedHealthOne provides consumer-directed and comprehensive plans, as well as low cost options for Texans.

UnitedHealthcare/Golden Rule received an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best for their financial strength, and an A+ from Standard and Poor’s. However, the carrier received about average feedback from members according to J.D. Power and Associates. Their most recent review showed UnitedHealthcare just below the Texas regional average for member satisfaction.