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Unicare Health Insurance

Unicare Medical Plans IS LEAVING TEXAS!


Texas Individual & Family Medical Plans
Welcome to Texas Individual & Family Medical Plans
Unicare is committed to making health care work for all of us.
Unicare uses strength, resources and experience to make health care more accessible, particularly for individuals and families who purchase insurance directly.
We offer a selection of affordable health plans with various annual deductibles and price points, all designed to meet your coverage and budget needs.
With UniCare, you are in charge of your health care choices.
You choose your doctor, the health plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget, and even your premium payment option.

Plan Details*

When you use UniCare in-network (participating) providers, your costs are based on a specially negotiated rate for UniCare that may often save you money.

When you use out-of-network (nonparticipating) providers, your costs are based on charges deemed to be reasonable for that service and area.

Reasonable charges may be less than your provider’s billed charges and often result in higher costs to you. For a detailed description of coverage, benefits, limitations, and exclusions, please refer to the applicable Plan Booklet, Authorization and Penalties, for important information regarding penalties that may apply.

UniCare Solutions and Services

UniCare strives to deliver quality health care benefit plans and products, and part of our mission is working with our customers and partners alike to create an organization that’s easy to do business with. Our dedicated and experienced sales team is striving to create dynamic health care benefit solutions that meet the market’s changing needs.

More Control and Support

Unicare helps give clients more control by offering an array of health insurance plans, including our new suite of consumer driven health plans. By harnessing the power of robust web opportunities on the carrier website, it is helping to strengthen the position of agents and clients alike.

More Networks and Offerings
In this dynamic market, strength and agility are key.

That’s why UniCare nationwide networks offer more than 4,500 independently contracted hospitals and more than 175,000 independently contracted primary care physicians and specialists. Their complete product portfolio – medical, dental, pharmacy, life, and Full Circle Health® programs – are what make them different. They are what make UniCare a top choice for health care benefit products.

UniCare isn’t just a solution for the moment – our goal is to be a trusted partner for the long term. Each company in the UniCare Family of Companies is a separately incorporated and capitalized subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., which is the largest publicly traded commercial health benefits company in terms of membership in the United States. Now that’s the UniCare plan power.

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