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Humana, Inc. got its start in the healthcare industry more than 50 years ago, and has been a national health insurer since 1980.

Humana One is Humana’s individual and family line of business, serving thousands of members across 30 states.


Humana products and services include medical, life, disability, dental and vision coverage. It has become one of the nation’s largest insurers, with a coverage area spanning all 50 states.

544,000 medical providers, 4,000 hospitals and nearly 60,000 pharmacies are in Humana’s network.

In Texas and nationwide, Humana One is a favorite at our agency. Individuals and families can choose HMO or PPO plans so you can either save more money or have more provider options.

Humana offers low-cost coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace for those who qualify for financial assistance. You can also buy a health plan direct from Humana in Texas, which includes the plans below.


Humana Individual Plans in Texas

View a comprehensive outline of all Humana Plans offered in Texas.

All Humana Individual Medical Products in Texas


HMO Plans

HMOx plans are offered both on and off the exchange and are very cost-effective. Due to their smaller networks and money-saving advantages, you save on premiums, healthcare and prescriptions.

Keep in mind, these plans won’t cover out-of-network care. But when you use the plan’s network, you’ll find Humana HMO connects you to established doctors at a great value.


Humana HMO 

Humana Basic 6600 HMO

Basic 6600 Plan Summary – Off Exchange

Basic 6600 Plan Summary – On Exchange


Humana Bronze 6300 HMO

Bronze 6300 Plan Summary – Off Exchange

Bronze 6300 Plan Summary – On Exchange
Humana Bronze 4850 HMO

Bronze 4850 Plan Summary – Off Exchange

Bronze 4850 Plan Summary – On Exchange


Humana Silver 4600 HMO

Silver 4600 Plan Summary – Off Exchange

Silver 4600 Plan Summary – On Exchange


PPO and POS Plans 

Humana also has a selection of PPO and POS plans available on and off exchange. These flexible policies pay for in and out-of-network services, with greater savings in-network.

If you’re a frequent traveler, need specific medications covered, and/or have established provider relationships, these plans will cover what you need. Both PPO and POS plans use national medical networks with access to better doctors, and a wider selection of covered drugs with the National Rx Network.


Humana PPO and POS


Humana Dental Plans

Choose from on or off-exchange dental products for adults and children. Click on the plan names below to view Plan Documents.


On-Exchange Dental

Humana Dental Smart Choice

By far the most affordable stand-alone dental plan, Smart Choice is offered through the Marketplace. Basic and preventive dental care is covered at a low monthly premium to pair with your on-exchange major medical plan.


Off-Exchange Dental

Get covered by one of Humana’s stand-alone dental plans for a larger number of covered services. Check the policy documents below for detailed information for each plan.

Humana Dental Value Plan HI215

Humana One Dental Loyalty Plus

Humana One Dental Preventive Plus

Humana One Dental Savings Plus


Humana Vision Plans

Humana has one stand-alone Vision plan that you can customize to help you pay for glasses, contacts, exams and other essential services.

Humana Vision Care Plan


To compare Humana One plans in your city, get an instant health insurance quote.

Speak with an agent to find the best Humana plan for you at 888 803 5917.