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Cigna is one of the nation’s oldest insurers with health products we can highly recommend.

The carrier was formed by two long-standing U.S. insurance companies: INA and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. When the two merged in 1982 to sell health insurance, Cigna was born.

Since then, Cigna has become an international insurance carrier. With operations in 30 countries, Cigna is primarily a group insurer with expanding individual health business.

Their Texas network contracts with close to 41,900 doctors, specialists and other healthcare providers, and more than 580 hospitals.

Cigna offers on and off-exchange plans in Texas to make sure everyone can find affordable coverage. Bigger networks, more doctors and plenty of prescription coverage make Cigna a top pick at East Coast Health Insurance.



Cigna Individual Plans in Texas


Bronze Plans

Cigna gives Texans a choice of high-deductible health policies with the lowest monthly rates. Decide between Health Savings Account (HSA) coverage with no copays before deductible – myCigna Health Savings 6100 – or copays and less out-of-pocket exposure – myCigna Health Flex 5000 or 5100.

Know more before you buy. Get details about Cigna Bronze policies with a breakdown of each plan below.


myCigna Health Flex 5000 Bronze

myCigna Health Flex 5000 Bronze Plan Information

myCigna Health Flex 5000 Bronze Summary of Benefits & Coverage


myCigna Health Flex 5100

myCigna Health Flex 5100 Plan Information

myCigna Health Flex 5100 Summary of Benefits & Coverage


myCigna Health Savings 6100

myCigna Health Savings 6100 Plan Information

myCigna Health Savings 6100 Summary of Benefits & Coverage


Silver Plans

Cigna sells one Silver plan in Texas including copays for many in-network services. You pay less for basic services, prescription drugs and hospital care before and after the deductible is met.

View the documents below to find out if the Cigna Texas Silver plan is a good fit for you and your family.


myCigna Health Flex 2750

myCigna Health Flex 2750 Houston Plan Information

myCigna Health Flex 2750 Dallas-Austin Plan Information

myCigna Health Flex 2750 Summary of Benefits & Coverage


Texas Drug List

Cigna Individual and Family Plan Drug List


Physician Directories

Below are a few sample provider directories listing in-network Primary Care Physicians with Cigna. Searches are within 10-20 miles of the city center.

Cigna Provider List Houston

Cigna Provider List Austin

Cigna Provider List Dallas


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