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Here are the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas health insurance plans available right now in the Texas health insurance industry.  If you would like to see the pricing for your individual health insurance demographic, all you need to do is enter your birthday and zip code, and then you can instantly get quotes from all of the Texas health insurance providers listed in above including any of the plans below from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. You can also check out our Texas health insurance review section for more information about your fellow Texans’ opinions about these companies.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans


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Blue Choice PPO Plans

Blue PPO health plans allow you the freedom to use a variety of providers without needing a referral or having to select a primary care physician. You can visit in-network doctors and facilities for a reduced cost or go out of network for a flat copay or coinsurance, depending on your policy.

More prescriptions are covered under the Standard Formulary included with PPO plans. Plans are organized by metal tier so that you can determine which best fits your coverage needs and budget.


Gold Plans

If you need to use your coverage often, Gold PPO plans provide a balance of reasonable premiums, deductibles you can easily meet and low copays. They make regular care more accessible and affordable, especially if you have preexisting conditions, or want to make sure you have enough coverage for an unexpected illness or emergency.


Blue Choice Gold PPO 001


Blue Choice Gold PPO 002


Blue Choice Gold PPO 011



Silver Plans

Silver PPO plans are an affordable option with copays for services such as primary care and specialist visits, prescriptions and urgent care. Moderate annual deductibles and out-of-pocket limits allow you to use your plan and stay protected from high medical bills.


Blue Choice Silver PPO 003


Blue Choice Silver PPO 004



Bronze Plans

For the greatest savings on monthly premiums without the bells and whistles of a higher tier, Bronze PPO plans give you access to the regular doctor visits and prescriptions you may need for a flat cost.


Blue Choice Bronze PPO 005


Blue Choice Bronze PPO 006



Catastrophic Coverage

Offered only to individuals under age 30, the Catastrophic PPO plan is a low-cost option that meets the requirement to carry a health insurance policy.


Blue Security Choice PPO 010




Blue Advantage HMO Plans

Connected to a strong HMO provider network, you get the most savings out of your policy by having access to more affordable care. You’ll need to choose a primary care doctor and seeing a specialist will require referrals, but if your main goal is saving money, HMO plans are your best bet.

Office visits, hospital care and other essentials are covered. Gold policies offer the lowest deductibles and copays for healthcare services, and Bronze plans have higher exposure with lower premiums. A smaller prescription drug formulary is included with these plans. It covers medications in the major drug classes, and is comprised mostly of generic drugs and a selections of brand names.


Gold Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers five different Gold HMO plans to help Texans in need of great coverage find a match in their price range. Affordable copays cover regular services such as office visits and prescriptions for easy access to care. If you need surgery, hospital care or other major medical services, these plans will help you pay for them.


Blue Advantage Gold HMO 001


Blue Advantage Gold HMO 002


Blue Advantage Gold HMO 007


Blue Advantage Gold HMO 008


Blue Advantage Gold HMO 010



Silver Plans

Silver HMO policies help you stay on a limited budget and still keep a good health plan. While the deductible amounts are higher than Gold plans, copayments cover office visits, medications and other important and common types of care.


Blue Advantage Silver HMO 003



Bronze Plans

Very affordable and simple to use, Bronze HMO plans give you enough insurance to cover the basics and more. These policies have the highest amount of out-of-pocket exposure and are a good choice if you don’t anticipate using your policy for costly services, but will still help cover you if you get sick or have an emergency.


Blue Advantage Bronze HMO 005


Blue Advantage Bronze HMO 006




Additional Benefits for Individuals

BCBSTX also offers dental plans for individuals with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Health Insurance If you lose your coverage or otherwise need health insurance on a temporary basis, short term medical products are available.


For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and their plans, fill out a quote and compare rates, or call us at 888 803 5017 to speak with a knowledgeable agent about your options.


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